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Any opinions on this?

Any opinions on this?

I found this site that claims that exercising the front thigh muscle increases blood flow to the penis by over to 21%.

I’ve been trainig my quads a little since I read this and have noticed harder and more easy-to-get-at-all-times erections…a sort of power-up effect.

Hope it’s of some use to you…


I found that a while back, and firmly believe it to be true.

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So you’re saying that if I do more squats, there’ll be more blood flow to my member?

And as for arginine, take about 20-30 GRAMS of it (if they are 1,000mg pills, take 20 or 30 of ‘em) and you’ll get the most rock-solid erection that lasts for hours! I’ve tried it and it works.

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Me Too :)

I can get 25 grams for about $5 per bottle (50 500 gram caps). I popped them all once, it was a pleasant suprise :)


Your getting ripped off. That’s 20 cents a gram. I know a place you can get it for under a nickel a gram. 1000g for $43.50, 300g for $14.50. Powdered bulk, not capsules. They have an additive flavoring agent to make it palatable cheap, too. Awesome deals on everything else under the sun. High quality, no bullshit ordering, fast service. Want a link?

Eh, just go to some ol’ mom and pop store and buy the cheapest brand. It’ll work if you take enough of it. I prefer the hard, chalky ones as opposed to the capsules. You can probably find that stuff at Pathmark these days.

Becoming.... Godsize

Prickle’s right. Never mind. Sorry I mentioned it. I’d rather swallow 20 or 30 tablets than a teaspoonful in water anyhow.

But in case you don’t feel the same way we do:

They have pygeum 100g for $5.00


Wouldn’t generic viagra at $4.00/100 mg tablet split into 4 parts be just as cheap and guaranteed to bring the necessary “rise”?


Makes sense, but where does a guy buy “generic” viagra???

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For just erection success, yes it would. However, large doses of L-arginine have the added side benefit of increasing HGH.

I don’t use the arginine very often, really only once or twice so far, and the bottle at Walmart is cheap enough for that. If I were going to use it big time, I’d look into the above links. Thanks for them.

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

It makes sense that healthy legs would mean healthy other extremities. Overall fitness is probably the best thing for erectile health. As for Arginine, all I can say is that I have experienced wonderful things with it. It did tend to give a little boost in the muscle building category. But that could have been entirely mental.

I get mine (as most everything) from Type in “now arginine” in the search. Now brand Arginine is super cheap but the people at Now are bastards and it can sometimes take a week or more to get your order. Best price I’ve found so far though.

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