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Any gainers take saw palmetto?

Any gainers take saw palmetto?

I need to know if this supplement is a limiting factor on growth. I know it prevents/reduces the conversion to DHT but does that inhibit or affect testosterone production/levels? Thanks in advance, Big Cat

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I take Saw Palmetto

I take two capsules of Saw palmetto in the evening and one in the morning along with two capsules of Gingko Biloba morning and night. I like the effects of this simple supplementation and have gotten both good length and girth gains while taking them.


I took liberal amounts of saw palmetto for years but stopped recently after reading an article in Smart Publications’ Health and Wellness Update ( The gist of the article is that saw palmetto is very good if you already have prostate cancer but not so good as a preventative as it can kill both healthy and unhealthy cells. The research references are at

I would like to hear your opinions on this.


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Great article

Thanks Tex3, that scares me because I was previously taking saw palmetto for about two years. My reason for supplementing with it was to decrease the conversion of testosterone to DHT, which causes male-pattern baldness. I have a full head of hair but I was using it as a preventive, but after reading that article I will definitely stop using saw palmetto. BTW, I am twenty-five and I don’t need to kill my healthy prostate cells and cause a problem in the future. Thanks again for presenting that article.

You said you were on it for years. Were you actively pe-ing during this time and if so how were your gains? Since you have been off, have your gains remained constant or increased/decreased?


"Without a struggle, there can be no progress" Stephen Douglas

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