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Antitoxin to L-Arginine ?

Antitoxin to L-Arginine ?


boy apparently I’m really good at getting myself into situations like this.
Yesterday I got L-Arginine powder via mail and had to try it out immediately, of course (What else ;) ).
I was aiming for the 3g (aka 3000mg), but completely overdid it.
I found out about this when reading this thread today. It’s a list of 20 amino acids and their properties (including the possible effects of a massive overdose).
Needless to say I got a whole bunch of those “excessive use” effects, but didn’t know any better (well.. yesterday).

I’m drinking water like crazy (and successively go for a piss pretty often, too).
The only problem is this nagging headache that started around lunchtime (which was 6 hours ago.. or 24 hours after taking the L-Arginine).

This brings me to my actual question:

Is there anything that can help me get this overly dose of L-Arginine (or its derivates) out of my body faster ?

I found something about Cholesterine, but this doesn’t really look like the way to go :)
Anyways I am going to hit the bedroom in an hour or so (sleeping will most probably cure this annoying headache), but if there is anything I can do (besides sleeping and drinking lots of water that is) to get this massive dose of L-Arginine out of my body please tell me :)


Hm funny, as soon as I had written this summary I’m (finally) getting it.


I was going out yesterday/last night and wondered all night why I was reacting to alcohol like a girl all of a sudden (much worse actually).
My explanation for this silliness:
When you take L-Arginine you need to drink _LOTS_ of water (it’s written all over the place).
I even took a massive overdose of L-Arginine => Even more massive amounts of water needed.
And finally I did the most sensible thing ever: I was out getting drunk while being on this massive overdose of L-Arginine (= drains water big time) AND dancing my ass off (= sweating drains too).


I guess I’m well on my way to becoming TP’s village idiot.

In addition to this I’m literally bound to “achieve” the following TP awards:

- stupidest injuries
- most simultanous injuries



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Feel better well one good thing you will always be able to keep us amused:D

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Well I’ll look into this (maybe).

Nearly all of last night was totally fucked up and I can say with great gusto that this was the night I did the most stupidest (and weird) things ever.
And this was _before_ I got drunk. Darn the overdose. It all makes sense now. The personal things I broke up yesterday will be left as an exercise for me so I learn something from the event (and it was an event indeed).

BTW: If anyone can come up with the antagonist / antitoxin to L-Arginine this could help others lateron IMO. Just to save others all the shit I have been (and still am) going through :)


Masterbate more! :D


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

Been there, done that.. Thrice :leftie:

Oh BTW besides the slight headache (got way better since when I started this thread) and the totally fucked up (last) night there is at least one positive thing to report:
The sperm got way more fluid and actually shot 2’ while masturbating, mind you.. No edging, no sex in this.. Sex = High blood pressure = BADASS headache.. “Not now, honey, I got migraine” :D
And it smells a bit like .. well .. Arginine?

Darn, this was _WAY_ too much of an overdose :)


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