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Antidepressant supplements for EQ and sensitivity?


Antidepressant supplements for EQ and sensitivity?

Okay, just spent hours searching and it seems as though Ginkgo and Yohimbine are the most popular (Twinlab brand in particular)

I take an SSRI and have trouble cumming sometimes, and thus, after much effort, lose the quality of my erections. Obviously this upsets my girlfriend as I would love nothing more than to give her a good soaking.

I would really appreciate some feedback. Should I try Gingko or Yohimbine? Or maybe something else?


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Go get Cialis.

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Not doing that, but thanks.

Anyone else?

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I don’t think Yohimbe is good to take with an ssri, it could cause you some bad reactions my friend. Maybe your doctor can prescribe you something that doesn’t effect sexual function as much. I hear Wellbutrin is good, but you’d have to discuss that with your dr.

And why would cialis be out of the question? Gingko and yohimbe most likely wouldn’t even come close in terms of EQ compared to something like V or C. I have a friend like that and it’s annoying as shit. He spends soo much money on herbals when he could get viagra or cialis at a fraction of the price of what he’s paying for the herbal stuff, and he doesn’t even get the results he’s looking for. I just don’t understand people sometimes.

I agree with kimish that you could talk to your doctor about the sexual side effects. Maybe Wellbutrin would help your mood as much as an SSRI, without causing the orgasm dysfunction.

If you want to stick with your SSRI and need help keeping your boner for a really long time, nothing is going to work nearly as well as Viagra or Cialis. The doctor who prescribes the SSRI would certainly give you a prescription for either of those; antidepressants are known for causing sexual problems. And yeah, not only are those herbals not very effective for erection issues, they’re also not as safe or as standardized as V and C (and I’m not someone who dogmatically favors prescription meds over non-prescription).

Try Mirtazapine, it has no sexual sides.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I will talk to my doc.

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Both Wellbutrin and Trazadone have few negative sexual side effects as far as causing impotence goes. In fact both can increase libido and erections. Trazadone is probably better for that. It carries a priapism warning
Do to the fact it can increase erections in some people extremely well.

Ask your Doctor if you can switch to either of those. Research both online first to see if you are a candidate. Remember, most Doctors like to prescribe the latest drugs, partly because these are the drugs advertised and have articles written about in their journals and in some cases they get kick backs for writing scripts for the newer drugs.

There has been studies that Ginkgo is useful to reverse sexual side effects caused by SSRI’s. Again, go online and read about it. I am not sure if most of the research has been done with a particular Ginkgo supplement made by a German company but I think that is the case. If so, another brand may not work.

I am the boards TwinLab Yohimbe Fuel pusher. This is because of all over the counter supplements, this one works almost always and it is cheap and the side effects to benefits ratio is acceptable to me. I have used other brands. Rite Aid Pharmassure works too. It is very potent and gives hard side effects. GNC makes it for them and I suspect it is identical to their Yohimbe product.

Not sure why you would be against a prescription erection med. These are the best things going. I suspect either embarrassment or cost factor. If the first I recommend you get over it. If the second, I understand and looking for alternatives is your only option. Just know, Viagra at 100mg can be split. I respond well to 25mg. So 4 doses per $10 tablet. I have read other getting results on 12 or so mg of the drug. That can be 8 doses for $10 for some individuals. I have not tried it yet but will eventually.

Ask your Doctor if either Yohimbine or Yohimbe would be okay to take with any meds you are currently using. Please play safe!

Thanks Panthers

Funny you should mention all this. I actually went out and bought BOTH GNC brand yohimbe and Twinlab yohimbe Fuel.

I tried the GNC brand first and was AMAZED at how well it worked. I have used Viagra and Cialis and the only thing those 2 drugs have on this is less side effects.

My problem has never been impotence; I can get it up just fine. My problem is that it takes me forever to come on the SSRIs. I wanted something to keep me hard AND increase sensitivity.

What I did last night was take L-arginine throughout the day, Zinc Picolinate, a 60 mg tab of Ginkgo (small dose) and a GNC yohimbe about 2-3 hours before sex.

It was UNREAL. Yes, I got a bit jittery, but I was also wired in a good way—full of energy. And as far as everything working…whoa. I was still hard for about three minutes after I came and was ready to go again soon.

I know yohimbe is dangerous so I plan on using it intermittently. The side effects weren’t THAT bad. My skin did get flushed and I did have a few minor spells of heat flashes, but no heart problems or nausea.

Thanks again, for taking the time with such a lengthy reply. I will try the Twinlab brand tomorrow? It’s your favorite huh?

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Yes, I prefer it. The sides are not as harsh as the Rite Aid Pharmassure brand (GNC). I have also used Mason Yohimbe bark. It is far weaker but still worked. Nothing wrong with GNC brand if you can handle the sides. Some guys take it and feel nothing much in the way of side effects except boners. Others, get them bad. On Rite Aid stuff I had runny nose, cold spinal chills,sweating and if I recall correctly, I did puke on that stuff a couple of times.

Twin Labs, Mild to no runny nose. Never any spinal chills. Minor upset stomach to not at all. Minor sweating.
These effects wore off if I took a few days in a row.

Yes, Yohimbe tends to make you more sensitive. Have you noticed getting spontaneous erections from just thinking about a girl or sex? Or just popping one while say doing mundane tasks on the computer? I did.
Lets us know please. Thank you.

High dose fish oil should raise your dopamine levels and make your orgasm more effortlessly.

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The yohimbe sounds like it worked great for you. You’re right, Viagra and Cialis are not generally good solutions if you’re already having trouble cumming — if anything, they tend to make guys take even longer to reach orgasm.


Funny you mention the runny nose! I didn’t know it was a side-effect and couldn’t understand why it was happening. When I was on top I kept having to wipe it away LOL

And yes, I was able to get hard at even the slightest thought of sex. However towards the end of the night, after several hours of sex, I had trouble maintaining a full erection. She was exhausted and didn’t care (I played it off like I was teasing her etc.) but I think it was due to good old fashioned exhaustion. How often do you take the Twinlab brand and how much? I only planned to use it before activity so I don’t build a tolerance to it.

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I have not used Yohimbe in about 6 months. I spent nearly 2 years investigating and trying all sorts of so called aphrodisiacs and erection enhancers. Be they herbs,food, vitamins, minerals or drugs.Guess what? Yohimbe won hands down.

While experimenting I used it daily. Tried the take one in the morning and one in the evening. That worked and would awake through out the night with serious hard ons. Meaning they woke me up. Tried the 3 companies I have used the were solely Yohimbe. Tried a few combo product. Avoid these, they mostly suck or are way over priced if they do work. But you asked how often and how much. I found out I need to only take it when I want to and one capsule was sufficient for me for the entire day. I weighed in between 185 and 200lbs when I was using this a lot. I now weigh about 160lbs.

The Rite Aid brand was the one that gave be serious snot drain. Again, GNC makes that for them. Twin Labs was very minor in that respect for me. I can not remember if Mason brand did this but I suspect it was on par with T.L. Or not at all.

Tip: If you don’t over come the runny nose you could try taking a benadryl with Yohimbe. I have not done this myself but there is a write up on Erowid of a guy that did do this. In fact there are some pro and con user reports for Yohimbe in general. He used it to fall asleep I believe but the stuff should stop the nose drain.
Please read and decide if you want to mix these drugs together. I don’t see a major problem unless used all the time.

The main reason I have not used Yohimbe is because I seldom need erection help. I’m 40 and it does happen sometimes but usually no problems here. I use this stuff for days I know I’m going to want and have sex a lot.
I came into a bunch of Viagra and have been using this on those days. V is great but does not compare to Yohimbe for sudden woody syndrome. It’s a toss up as to which makes my cock harder but I would probably give that to Viagra. But Yohimbe is real close.

There are times I take nothing for sexual health/function. This can be as long a 6 months. This last month just Viagra once or twice a week. I respond great to it at low doses and the stuff stays in my system about 12+ hours. Slowly working less and less. Yohimbe last about the same for me as well.

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