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Antidepressant supplements for EQ and sensitivity?


Thanks for the feedback. I tried a Twinlab today in the morning. No runny nose or side effects like the GNC brand, but I don’t think it was as potent. Maybe I was still worn out from last night. The GNC stuff is VERY potent, but as we said: runny nose, flushed skin etc. Maybe I need to take it more often.

I would like to use Viagra, but as I said, I want great EQ and more sensitivity. Like I mentioned before, sometimes it takes me forever to cum, and then—because of frustration—I begin to get soft. All mental, I know, but what can you do?

I have looked into buying Viagra online, but the only places that take Mastercard seem to sell it in 100 mg doses, and after researching it seems I would only need 25 mg. I contacted one company about using a pill-splitter and they advised against it because the tablet is coated and would crumble.

Where do you get your Viagra? Know of any reputable (cheap) online places that take Mastercard and sell 25 or at least 50 mg doses?


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Yes, the GNC Yohimbe is very strong. But if you prefer that. If it works better and you can deal with the side. Use it. To let you know, Rite Aid Pharmassure is about $7 a bottle of 30 tablets. Not sure how that compares in price to GNC Brand ?

I have had no problems splitting my Viagra. Yes, they are coated tablets. But as long as you don’t peel of the film coating after splitting they should stay together. Have for me. I use a slitter that has like a ‘V” raised slot. It also has 2 pill compartments below the cutter. I just keep the cut pills in it till I decide to use them. I don’t rattle them around. That may make them fall apart? I’m not sure if splitting them hastens chemical breakdown. I usually use the 4 pieces I get in 7-10 days but wondered if maybe the last dose was not working as well or as long.

Also, not sure if one can develop a tolerance to Viagra if used often. But I suspect it is possible. I think Yohimbe has that problem as well. I never have taken it longer than 2 weeks. I will break for a few days if I do.

I’m glad to offer my experience and hope it helps anyone that reads it. I do not know everything. I know what I have used. What worked for me and at what doses. And what was junk supplements for erections.

On the supplement side one had Tong kat, Ginseng and Horny Goat Weed . These things work but they are hit and miss. Meaning some days they work great and other days they do not seem to help at all. Tong Kat one needs to cycle and I am afraid I am a poor responder to that herb. I have to take for about 2 days then I get great wood and sex drive goes up but that last 3 days tops and that’s it. Stuff is way to expensive for amount needed and time it takes to work for such a limited run time. Used it a few times. Meaning bought and used a couple bottles. It was fun but I will not be buying that anymore.

Anyways. Best to you.

Thanks again. I think I’m going to order some Kumagra 50 mg, split it in half (I have the same kind of pill splitter you do) and give it a shot.

Take care

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Quick add. Men that suffer prostate problems. I have read others experience further issues with the use of Yohimbe. The same goes for Benedryl. On a different note. I recently read an article the Cialus offers some help with prostate.

Link to CBS News:…in4366187.shtml

Take nettle root extract and pygeum for prostate enlargement. Loads of studies for it, and you will also gain increased testosterone levels.

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