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Anti-obesity compound found in brown seaweed

Anti-obesity compound found in brown seaweed

Mon Sep 11, 2006 4:03pm ET

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Studies in animals suggest that brown seaweed, also known as wakame — commonly used to flavor Asian soups and salads, contains a compound that promotes weight loss. The compound, called fucoxanthin, also has anti-diabetes effects.

At the 232nd American Chemical Society National Meeting in San Francisco today, Dr. Kazuo Miyashita from Hokkaido University reported seeing significant reductions in fat tissue in rats and obese mice fed the edible seaweed carotenoid fucoxanthin.

“The mechanism for this effect is a new one,” Dr. Miyashita points out in a statement, explaining that fucoxanthin induces expression of the fat-burning protein UCP1 that accumulates in fat tissue around the internal organs. Mice fed fucoxanthin showed clear signs of UCP1 expression in fat tissue, whereas mice fed a control diet showed little expression of this protein.

The studies suggest that fucoxanthin-induced expression of UCP1 in fat tissue fuels the oxidation of fatty acids and production of heat energy in fat tissue mitochondria. Mitochondria, found in every cell, convert sugar and fatty acids into energy and play a key role in regulating metabolism.

Miyashita and colleagues also found that fucoxanthin has “strong” anti-diabetes effects by promoting the synthesis of DHA in the liver. DHA is an important fatty acid found in fish oil supplements. Animals fed fucoxanthin plus soybean oil showed an increase in DHA levels in the liver, comparable to that seen with fish oil supplementation, they note.

Prior studies by Miyashita’s group have shown that fucoxanthin also helps promote the death of human prostate cancer cells in culture.

This finding, coupled with the team’s current findings, suggest that this multi-tasking compound holds promise as a preventive agent for a variety of diseases.…&archived=False

Awesome. I want some already :)

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Originally Posted by SiamGuy
Awesome. I want some already :)

Me too. I’ve got my cash ready.

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Yeah, I wish I was a mouse.

That is the seaweed that is used for making sushi.

Originally Posted by Jafar_t
That is the seaweed that is used for making sushi.

No wonder why most orientals are skinny. :)

More cool stuff:

Wakame Seaweed
Diet Nutrition
Wakame is a kelp and looks and tastes like spinach lasagne. Wakame is similiar to Kombu and it can be used in many of the same ways, particularly in soup.

Wakame is probably best used in salads, added to soup or broth or used as a topping for other dishes. Soak dried wakame in water and it will expand to about ten times in size. Wakame should have the central vein cut out after soaking. It can then be either simmered for 10 minutes or cut into small pieces and served as a salad.

Wakame soba, a mixture of wakame and buckwheat noodles (soba) is a favourite at Japanese restaurants.

Wakame because of its kelp content is rich in protein, calcium, iodine, magnesium, iron and folate. Lower rates of breast cancers have been reported in Japanese women eating a diet high in kelp. Lignans, which help fight cancer are found in high quantity in wakame (kelp) and may provide protection against certain cancers.

Even though seaweed supplements and kelp tablets are currently being sold as energy boosters, there is no evidence that seeweed boosts energy except in those who are iodine deficient and have underactive thyroids.…ame-seaweed.htm


Overall this stuff seems pretty good for you. I think I’ll be making a trip to the oriental grocery store today.

Originally Posted by Jafar_t
That is the seaweed that is used for making sushi.

The irony kills me. It’s like the double cheeseburger and diet cola thing. At least the sushi is mostly good fat but you still have to be cautious on how much you eat. I love sushi and always tend to overeat it, especially because 95% of sushi bars here are all you can eat.

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

I called my personal supplement pusher yesterday to see if they had that fucoxanthin stuff in some form. The guy said he had received a few calls about it already yesterday, and he had not seen any product available yet. I also asked him to look for it under this Xanthigen brand name, and he said he still found nothing in their distributor databases.

He said that it probably would appear in some form “within a few weeks.” He said that typically articles like that appear around the roll out of a new product, and then within a short time it shows up among the products pushed by the manufacturers and wholesalers. So the news story is probably the work of someone’s PR firm. All PR people are evil greedy hacks. (:

More from goggling fucoxanthin:…9/Xanthigen.pdf…rketingpage.pdf

That National Bioscience Corp that is supposedly branding Xanthigen doesn’t say much about it:

Huh. The head cheese got his degrees at Caucasian State.


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