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Anti depressants

If you’re medicine/science-minded on pubmed there’s a lot of good research on the interaction between depression and zinc/magnesium levels, and how even SSRIs alter them in responders. There seems to be some connection there, although whether it’s causal or correlational I don’t know.

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Originally Posted by twatteaser
Mgnesium comes in a shitload of different forms and carriers. Magnesium in most cases will give you the shits if taken orally. Since intravenous is too hard for the average Joe to do by himself. I found Magnesium Oil (Magnesium Chloride) to take transdermally and soak it in, bypassing all these issues. Magnesium Sulfate is Epsom Salts and are less powerful and taken transdermally.

Your best bet is to get a hold of one of the three books I mentioned to see how it should work for your situation.

I have found mag. Citrate and I`m going to begin with 400mg and see how that goes.

I took two 200mg tabs about an hour ago and my bowel seems ok so far.

If things have the potential to irritate I usually find out within the first 15 minutes or so.

I am particularly sensitive to pizza sauce and too much coffee and some chemically cultured cheeses, and schnieder`s beef pies, which I can`t even think about eating.

I will look for mag. Oil this afternoon.

Thanks again.

Magnesium is slow to accumulate, so it isn’t like aspirin and away goes the issue for a bit.

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Originally Posted by LilRichard
What other blood work did they do? Depression can be because of many things like testosterone levels being off(low) or thyroid levels being low.

I have absolutely no idea what blood work they did. My usual doctor is useless so I’ve been seeing temps. The first just told me to get a blood test. So I did, went to the hospital and had it done. Went back a week later and this other doctor told me it was all fine. Then like I previously said asked me a few questions about my sheet on depression.

What symptoms would I have if my testosterone is low. I can always get an erection whenever I want and usually do have some morning wood. Although I don’t really get raging hard. Recently kegels have helped improve that though. I have no clue what a thyroid is. I’ll look it up I guess. I’m just confused.

Originally Posted by twatteaser
Do you have Indigestion, heart burn or GERD? Do you drink a lot of products that have artificial sweeteners in it? In your blood work did they test for cortisol?

No to the first three questions. I usually only drink 100% orange juice, smoothies, and tap water. So no to the sweeteners. I have no clue what they tested for in my blood work.

Originally Posted by iamaru
That is one dangerous doc. It has plenty of serious side effects. If you weren’t all the depressed to start with, you will be from the side effects! :Rolleyes:

Are you working out as well?

As others have mentioned, get some comprehensive blood work done. Depression is often connected to thyroid issues, B vitamin deficiencies, or a host of other medical problems. Also, if you are depressed because you hate your job and your wife is sleeping around pills won’t help.

For some people the pills really are magically life changing. But they are way, waaay, over diagnosed. The idea that the doc is out and out lying to you about the potential of side effects to induce you to take the stuff is a very bad sign.

Thanks for the links. I’m really surprised by all of those possible side effects. I mean, I’m basically feeling like my normal self. My sleeping is slightly more disturbed especially by strange dreams. Like this morning, I kept dreaming as though it was real and I was then getting up. It was very odd, kind of hard to explain.

There are so many things to consider there. I guess I shouldn’t worry unless they are actually severe because I mean people are only human and I may exhibit all sorts of them at one time or another.

I totally agree, they give them out from candy. My sister is in the dental field and she has to look at there charts for what medications they’re taking and she says there’s a lot of people out there on anti depressants.

I kind of have a feeling the depression is a physical thing. I mean it could be a chemical in balance in the brain. I have no clue. Like I said I don’t even know what a thyroid is. But when things were going well for me in life I pretty much felt depressed then which made things get worse.

So long as the pills don’t cause side effects, I’ll stick with them and hopefully it will work enough.

I’m not doing any exercise at the moment. I used to do plenty. Run every morning, weights etc. It gave me a temporary high but didn’t last long and when doing nothing I just couldn’t care less about doing it. I’d literally have to force myself. But I’m still in good shape. I’m not over weight what so ever.

Originally Posted by bohm
Shit, I never understand any of twatteaser’s posts. But I know (or at least believe) they’re probably important. I’m just stupid.

Exactly the same here. He’s a smart bloke with an usual way to say things. But I appreciate your help here twatteaser! I just have to read it over a few times.

Can I just also say I’m English not American so I get any drugs free on the NHS. I read a post here along the lines of ‘doctors get convinced to advise patients to take drugs by the drug companies’.

Since so many people mentioned the thyroid issue I will definitely look into it. I just read through these little 4 pages and felt tired and had little concentration. This isn’t an issue with the drug, it’s just a usual thing I have to deal with.

Originally Posted by twatteaser
Magnesium is slow to accumulate, so it isn’t like aspirin and away goes the issue for a bit.

Thanks again `teaser.

I realise that the accumilation will take a while, I`m not going anywhere.

I read all sorts and watch some informative stuff on youtube while googling magnesium and depression yesterday, and learned that the government is actively fining practitioners $25,000 a day for suggesting this treatment unless they are a medical doctor.

We have a bill proposal here that would stop health food shop owners from discussing such treatments.

It was a stand alone bill (52 I think) and because of public outcry in was attached to other bills and I don`t know what has happened since.

I know there are similar bills in europe (codex?) that force certain vitamins and minerals into drug categories so that only doctors can prescribe them.

Originally Posted by a-unit

I know there are similar bills in europe (codex?) that force certain vitamins and minerals into drug categories so that only doctors can prescribe them.

Never heard of that - which, where?

regards, mgus

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In my local healthfood store, where I get my restricted substances (DHEA, Arginine, Taurine) there was a petition that we all signed to delay the codex bill for public debate. It was later repealed and then attached to another member bill and slid by.

I`m not sure, at this time in canada, what the status of or supplements are, but it would be difficult for any of us to afford the kind of increases they are suggesting.

A friend of mine in his `80s takes niacin for circulation. He pays about $250 a month for what I could get the same product at my shop for about $15 dollars.

He said, it`s ok, his wife`s medical plan pays for it.

He means the taxpayer.

Twat, what form of magnesium do you supplement with? And do you take any other meds along with it? You can PM if need be.

I take magnesium chloride or what some people market as magnesium oil. I apply it transdermally via a $1 store spray bottle that is mixed with water to cut it with. I take a few drugs like Nifedipine/Procardia, Deplin, Compounded Cytomel, etc… I take a few supplements as well like a multi, fish oil, Vitamin D, etc…. I occasionally if late at night pop a few tabs of magnesium chelate if I missed oiling myself.

I eat way better, watching my salt intake and trying to naturally dose my potassium up at a 5:1 to sodium. I put salt substitute on my clery or add it to the occasional sandwich I eat.

I have ulcerative colitis along with proctitis, GERD, and a HIaltal Hernia. So anything that can bypass competing for absorption in my stomach and intestines is welcomed.

I learned all about Mg from three books I mentioned before. I was looking cause of my circulation issues with blood pressure, Raynauld’s, and Venal insufiency in my calves and feet.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Nice. I am onto chelated magnesium glycinate. I didn’t know how important magnesium was!

Before you purchase anything. I highly suggest that you just get your hands on one of those books FIRST. Purchase new, used or use the local library. The time it would take to read and understand would save you countless time and money on doses, what it competes with, what is absorbed easiest, etc….

Invest in yourself and reap the rewards. Though I have to say I am the biggest nonfiction book devouring motherfucker around.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.


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