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AndroGel for PE /HGH for PE


I’d be interesting in hearing what supplements you took. I had taking Tribulus, and had my free testosterone levels tested. I didn’t tell my doc, and my test came back smack dab in the mid range! Not cool, considering I was supplementing. I’m not interested in a patch or actual testosterone, but supplements that may boost it naturally.

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Just as an FYI -

Any kind of prohormone or steriod that is applied via a transdermal cream or patch is going to deliver it’s actives systemically to the blood system, and NOT to local tissue. So rubbing androgel on your dick is not going to deliver test to your penile tissue. It’s going to work exactly the same as if you rubbed it on your chest, shoulders or whatever…..

Oh yeah, the guy above me was right on…HGH is WAY too big a molecular weight to be delivered via transdermal (let’s keep those molecular weights below 300 gentleman!).

Sorry…the ONLY way to use HGH is to use the real stuff (read: at least $400 per 100iu….) and inject.

I had read that as well about the topical T as well. The only way to actually effect the penile tissue would be by either injection or through inserting it into the urethra kind of like an enema. I am not going to do neither.

Just the thought of T being so close to your testicles made me worry about atrophy and other possible side effects for loss of natural T production. I do believe all of the Topical meds advice against putting it directly on the genitals. Maybe for skin irritation?

Any time you would introduce extrogenous (spelling?) hormones into your body (i.e., testosterone) your body will stop producing it’s own and your testicals will atrophy.

Recent article by Stanley Slater,M.D. in AARP Bulletin/ July-August 2003 entitled SHAZAAM! (Testosterone Therapy). Discussed Androel. “Extra teststerone might trigger excessive red blood cell production in some men, which can thicken blood and increase a man’s risk of stroke.” “We know that testoseterone feeds the growth of tumors in men who have mestastatic prostate cancer, noting that most older men harbor inactive and harmless “nests” of prostate cancer cells. By giving extra testosterone to these men, we don’t know if we’re awaking a sleeping monster.”
National Institute on Aging(NIA)’s Slater, “I advise people who don’t have profoundly low levels of testosterone to be cautious about entering into treatment.”

My advice is don’t take it unless you need it and your doctor says so.

I have a question. Is it possible to make a transdermal with 4-andro and just mix it with isoprpyl alcohol?

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You can make transdermals yourself.

For the purposes of PE though, transdermals would be useless. Even if 1-Test did have any effect on penis size, which it most likely does not, transdermals do not provide localized delivery.

AndroGel is pure testosterone suspended in a gel that is applied to the abdomen and/or upper arms. Never to the penis because it could be transferred to the scrotum (and therefore the testicles), or transferred to your sexual partner, female or male, which is a really bad thing to do. It will also cause any residual natural production of the hormone to be stopped by your body.

I have had hypogonadism for over a decade and, as a consequence, have had to get replacement therapy. I’ve used injectables and gel, as well as oxandrin to bring and keep my testosterone level into the required high-normal range, between 500 and 1000. I have no choice, and who ever likes having no choice? If I were to stop I would be at risk of loss of muscle mass, wasting syndrome, and worse depression than I already suffer.

Boys, please don’t mess with this if your testosterone level is normal. If you suspect you have hormone deficiency problems get tested by a reliable doctor. This is not a toy. It is not a recreational drug. I can speak from experience that my testicles have shrunk a bit and my cock is the same as it always was.

I have lifted weights for 30 years and notice no difference between pre- and post- testosterone replacement.

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would it be bad to take testosterone if you are still in puberty

Originally Posted by Mecca
would it be bad to take testosterone if you are still in puberty

Yes. You really don’t want to add any hormones until yours are settled.

Mecca, hor old are you?

Help! Analysis paralysis. :confused:

Without getting too techinical, how about some advice?

What is good for a guy in his mid-30’s that believes he may have a slight deficiency in Testosterone? All he is looking for is a tweak in test production via an OTC product and in pill form.

So far, my search has uncovered these items:
HGH Sasparillas
Avena Sativa
Korean Ginseng
Tribulus Terrestis

Should I buy a product that contains all of these ingredients? Or would that be redundant because they all do the same thing? Is it useless because the pills are useless? Remember, I’m only looking for a subtle change, not to be like a 250 lb Lance Armstrong with a constant erection.

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Legal Gear makes a non pro-hormone transdermal growth enhancer. It supposedly works as well as the now banned pro-hormones without the side effects. Also, it supposedly works for the localized area that it is applied. I ordered a bottle and will let you guys know how it works. It is a bit pricey. However, if it accelerates recovery I can train more often.

Ramrod, Tongkat Ali is about the strongest natural test booster I know of, and also, have you guys tried wearing a ballzinger?

I thought Tongkat Ali was the best way of stimulating the bodies own testosterone production?


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