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Andractim, results to follow


Andractim, results to follow

Hey everyone,

I just started Andractim yesterday, the same 2.5% gel most people are using. I have done a lot of reading up on it and figured it was worth a try. If your unfamiliar with it, its a topical steroid/hormone used to treat Gynecomastia, Micro-phallus. Transgender FTM are using to enlarge their clits. I’m not going to get into the pro/con side effects right now. There is a long list of possible side effects so do your research!

My efforts started out when I was about 24, i’m 38 now. I was 5.25 EBP and thin, condoms where difficult to wear because they would fall off. I herd more than one time “is it in all the way yet” So I went on the net to see what could be done. This was back in the days of WebTV and Tom Hubbards original site. After some on and off attempts I gained a solid 1/2”. I was still small but I felt better. Several years later I made another attempt and gained another 1/4” so after a few more attempts right now I’m at 6.25 EBP.

I have been stuck at 6.25” for the last 2 years now and have always been a hard gainer. I think the Andractim may work for me since I have had a mild case of Gynecomastia and was a slow developer as a teen. My routine is as follows.

Andractim 2.5g 4 time per day
Jelqing 2-3 miniutes 4 times per day before application
Silicone ADS 8-10 hours per day, light tension

I will try and keep up on the weekly updates

Rememeber to use heat!

You need to do WAY more jelling for it to be effective. Remember slow strokes. Those sessions before application should be 20-25 minutes minimum.

At the end of the day, PE is like everything else in life. The more time and dedication you put into it, the more benifits you reap.

Day 7.5 on Andractim 2.5g 4x per day.

Interesting, No side effects what so ever. No morning wood, no spontaneous erections ect. If anything my mood seems to be more content and easy going but its not enough to say its from the Andractim. I have not done a BPEL yet but…

My Flaccid stretched length is now 6.75”. Its been 6.5 for a couple years now. I have measured 3 times now and its a solid 6.75 stretched length. It’s defiantly doing something, weather this turns into permanent erect length gains remains to be seen but i’m pretty excited about this!

I plan on doing a 5-6 week cycle with 4-5 weeks off. During the off time I will use the same kind of herbs body builders use during their off cycle I figure it cant hurt. The following is a direct copy paste from……

Probably the most important post-cycle supplement is Tribulus terrestris. Tribulus is an herb with a documented ability to stimulate lutenizing hormone (LH) in men, much the same as clomid. Of course, clomid is much more powerful. Increasing LH has the direct effect of increasing testosterone production. More testosterone helps maintain lean muscle mass, improves mood, and restores sex drive. There are many brands and grades of tribulus in the market. FUZU from Syntrax is designed to be particularly potent.

DIM (diindolylmethane) is important to use an estrogen metabolizer and an estrogen-receptor blocker. As mentioned above, right after a steroid cycle ends, one’s natural testosterone level is anywhere from low to nonexistent. Estrogen, however, is typically very high. DIM increases the ratio of good to bad estrogen metabolites, resulting in lower bad metabolites, providing a beneficial effect in men (men require some estrogen to be in their system). DIM’s effect on estrogen also tells the hypothalamus to produce LH which results in the maintenance or even improvement of natural testosterone levels. Moreover, DIM interferes with the activity of the estrogen receptors - basically blocking them - which raises the testosterone to estrogen ratio. Another action of DIM is that it causes more testosterone to be freed from the sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) protein. Another benefit of DIM, though not critically important within the discussion of post-cycle supplementation is that it may also reduce the chance of prostate enlargement due to the presence of estrogen. When buying DIM, be sure to get a soluble, time-released one, such as BioResponse’s patented DIM150 (also used by Nature’s Way). Other forms of DIM are poorly absorbed and, thus, a waste of money.

Week 2 update

Last week I switched to 2.5g 3 times per day. I was going through it really fast. No side effects that I can tell. I have been more irritable lately but not excessive enough to say its from the Andractim. No increased libido, no huge erections. My EQ has actually went down, most likely from the Jelqing (I have always been sensitive to jelqing so I stopped again)

I’m now a full 6.5 BPEL, and I am about 6.9 stretched length.

Just to make sure everyone is clear on this. I’m not new to PE and have been stuck for about 2 years now I cant think of it being anything else other than the Andractim. Will the gains continue over the next few weeks? I sure as hell hope so!

The ADS can affect your EQ too. It is actually not infrequent to hear about low EQ while having length gains.

Thanks for the updates. Keep them coming!

Week 3 results, I ran out of my first tube and got about 20 days out of it. I increased the dose back up to 2.5g 4x per day. I am defiantly more short tempered but by no means uncontrollably. No increase in libido, EQ is about normal to slightly down. I started jelquing again.

Drum roll please, Stretched BP is now 7.2” from a starting point of 6.5 just 3 weeks ago. Now my mind is telling me this cant be for real but maybe i’m one of the few lucky people this stuff actually works on.

If I decide to buy more I think I will compound it myself. Stanolone or Androstaolone aka DHT can be bought from China Pharmacy’s. The grand total for 4 tubes from the allsaints clinic runs about $285 including shipping, international fee’s ect ect. The price to compound the equivalent of 12 tubes would cost about $274.

My understanding is you can buy Andractim in European Pharmacy’s for about $20 a tube and I would prefer that but I cant find anyone who actually sells it online. Send me a PM if anyone finds an alternative website.

Just a quick update. I may need to stop, I have cut back to 3x per day. I now know what the term roid rage is. This weekend has not been good. Constant irritability and a couple serious cases of road/roid rage. I don’t think I have ever been so pissed off in my life.

I stopped smoking about 7 years ago and have not wanted to smoke like this in years. Oddly enough no increase in libido. I will try and start taking morning wood measurements. It seems like the most consistent way to measure.

Great progress, keep us updated if you decide to continue

Starting stats: 6.4" / 5.6" Current Stats: 7.4" / 5.8" Short term goal: 7" / 6" Long term goal: 8" / 6.5"

Cammie, if you google search and read about DHT [andractim], you’ll find that it is a very powerful HPTA suppressor. By using Andractim, not only are you suffering from massive amounts of DHT leading to roid rage, you’re temporarily suppressing your HPTA and natural testosterone production. This is surely happening if you went through a tube of andractim in 20 days. My suggestion is to stop for a while and let your system regain homeostasis, and then if you’d still like to use andractim, use a fraction of the dose you’ve been using.

Week 4 update, No more gains since week 3. I stopped using it today, no need to take it if there are no gains. But I did gain a solid 1/4” in 3 weeks. Hopefully the gains are not just temporary. I have read some other reports that 2-3 weeks cycles may the best / most effective approach.

I am starting the post-cycle supplements, Tribulus terrestris and diindolylmethane. I am also going to stop using the ADS for a week or so.

Invictus, I think your right. Some people have suggested you need huge doses for gains. Some people say only small doses are needed. My next cycle will probably be 1/2 the dose or even less.

Week 1, cycle #2…. 1.25g 2x per day, it seems like this lower dose is just as effective as the overdose I was taking on the last cycle. If you have ever used this stuff you will notice that it does not all get absorbed into the skin. I have been using a glove to apply the DHT and a few hours after application i will wet down the penis with water and rub it in again.

So I have a lot on my mind and a lot of thoughts about the DHT Gel so hopefully this is coherent (I have had my fair share of rum tonight :) so I figured I would open up a little more. I’m 38 years old and have lost about 55lbs in the last 4 months and have another 30lbs to go. I’m not saying my 1/4” gains in 3 weeks are 100% from the DHT gel but it really looks like it to me. I have read a lot of mixed results regarding topical DHT. Most of the positive results on message boards are from people with really low post counts leading me to believe they are spamish. So before you fork out the over $200 for some DHT gel from allsaints keep this in mind.

I’m thinking I may be more sensitive to DHT gel because I have been using emu oil and emu oil lotions for the last 2 years. Emu oil is supposed to block DHT receptors. No real proof just people selling emu oil say its good for blocking DHT in the scalp for hair loss.

The last few nights my EQ have been through the roof! I have not been any more horny just really easy to erections. I swear I have had wood for MOST of the night into the morning even when i’m not dreaming about sex. However this may be from the horny Goat weed I have been taking for the last couple weeks (so again no real proof) Yesterday I measured the morning wood at 6.6 EBP. At the end of the three week cycle I will know for sure if there have been any real gains. Hopefully some people smarter than me can digest all this and give some insight. I have also noticed I need less sleep, 7 hours vs 9 hours I have also been going into rem sleep within an hour or 2 after going to bed. Normally I go into rem sleep about the time I wake up.

I want to make this clear, I’m not trying to promote DHT. I really feel this is a last resort for me since I have been doing PE on and off for the last 15 years now with very slow results.

I also want to say thanks to everyone who has posted in this thread I really do appreciated any advice offered. I have been applying heat while wearing my ADS. I made a couple rice socks and bought a 6 pack of re-usable 3x5” heat pads.

I purchased Andractim from All Saints around three years ago. Their site seems to be down. Are they still in business? If so is there another trustworthy company to purchase it from?



Every site I find is broken or shut down?

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