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Andractim, results to follow


Cycle 2 Day 14

Stopped using DHT again, the Irritability and anger was too much. I will take a 2-3 week break again. Morning wood is crazy. It was actually slightly painful today.
BPEL today was 6.625”

I have been taking a host of other supplements to improve circulation and lower blood pressure so its impossible to say what results are coming from what. So here is a list of other supplements I am taking.
7-Keto DHEA…. Weight loss
Horny Goat weed…. Erection quality/circulation
Ginsing…. EQ/Energy booster

Off cycle….
D-Aspartic Acid… T Booster
DIM….. Lower E
Saw Palmetto complex… Reduce DHT (hopefully up regulate DHT receptors)
Asprin… Blood thinner/blood pressure
Ginkgo…. Circulation

Wow dude that’s a lot of stuff to take. I’d advise taking a minimal approach when it comes to hormone modulators. B/w the understudied and relatively new compound DAA, and the powerful Andractim, and the DIM, your HPTA is probably super confused.

Cammie, I’m so glad you made this thread. As you’ve noted yourself, threads that actually do a good job of documenting people’s experiences with andactrim are so hard to come by.

Hey cammie,

I have had a little bit of experience with steroids. I can tell you that the reason you are becoming irritable is because you are shutting down your natural testosterone production. Normally, if taken properly steroids will give you a good sense of well being. In other words it should make you feel happy. Especially DHT. The only exception to this is the steroid trenbolone, which I’m sure you are not taking. The term roid rage actually comes from when the user stops taking steroids and there hormones crash. Without testosterone in your body you will feel like crap and be pissed off constantly. By taking DHT you are on a cycle of steroids. Most steroid users will tell you that you can’t use any steroid without taking testosterone along with it. This is why steroids are STACKED. You have to include testosterone.

Hi cammie77,
Thanks very much for your post and sharing information.
I am thinking about to try Andractim.
Can you please tell me what was your BPEL before and after using Andractim?

Thank you.

Cammie throw us an update?

Are you still on the andractim? If not, how have your gains been cemented?

Where can I buy andractim safely with no scam because in france I can only get it in drugstores with a prescription from a doctor


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