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Anabolic Steroids and PE


I didn’t mean to endorse anything in the thread ttt, surely you could have told by my posts in that thread, I just thought you might see what others have tried in the past. Might save you a little time. Fuck it, I’ll leave you alone in the future.

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I didn’t read the whole thread more sampled it.

It seems to deal more with pro-hormones which are not AS.

I’ve done several cycles of proper AS and not noticed any shrinkage in my dick but then again no increase either, I have had testicular atrophy which is a pisser but this soon recovers with correct post cycle therapy (PCT).

I’m currently at the end of a cycle of AS and just embarking on my journey of PE, I will have to reserve judgement on whether AS have a +ve effect on PE until my next cycle which will probably now not be for at least another 6 months as I like to give my body plenty of time to recover.

If I’m feeling rich I might do a HGH cycle, I think between AS and HGH, HGH would be more likely to accentuate results

I absolutely agree with you ThunderSS.

Just for the record: I have Testosterone Gel at home and I am applying it topically (chest) every day for a month or so. I could easily apply it to my dick but I don’t since it doesn’t make sense. On the other hand, I am doing some more fancy things such as:::

Corticosteroid injection in the ligament
Pharmacochemical pe: calcium antagonists - intralig. injection
Growth hormone injection into penis base ligament

So don’t take me wrong - I am willing to experiment, but there must be some rationale at least.

Later - ttt

Did a bit of research on muscletalk, I think we can put this one to bed.

Oh well, the search for the magic pill continues.

To avoid this:

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Fuck it, I’ll leave you alone in the future.

And for the sake of peace,

I will not continue the discussion.

Later - ttt


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