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Originally Posted by shortnolonger
I ordered from ADC about 8 months ago. I got generic V and generic Levitra.

The generic Levitra was considerably more expensive than the V. About 4 times more if I remember correctly. I was disappointed in the strength of the generic Levitra. I can barely tell that it is doing anything.

I will be ordering again from them, but will be getting the V only. It is a little weaker than non-generic, but it still works OK.

Generic Levitra seems to really suck

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I’ve had great luck with all three of the generics available from ADC.

Well, I put in an order to ADC. The order was $70, but my card was only charged $45 due to some error in the payment processing. I got an email today asking to send a money order/bank transfer for the difference, which is a REAL pain in the ass. But they’ve said they’ll process and ship the order anyway, so at least it should hopefully not delay things.

Originally Posted by webslave
Maybe you didn’t notice it, but two for one on all three ED meds. $0.75 cents each for 20mg tadalafil. It does say “not for consumption in the USA”.
But I heard you can get around that.

I’ve ordered from ADC in the past and received my order in about 1.5 weeks. I ordered generic V and tadalafil, but they emailed me saying they couldn’t ship tadalafil to the US and substituted with the more expensive generic Levitra. The generic V works great.

How can one get around the US shipping restriction?

I would like to hear the answer to that one. ADC has told me the same thing in the past but the last time I ordered (June 08) they “mistakenly” shipped the tadalafil.

I’ve ordered the tadalafil in the past by mistake and was sent vardenafil in it’s place.

I’ve also read somewhere here “in the supplements area”, that if you email them with your order, that you won’t be using it in the states, they’ll send it ?

I’ll try when time allows to find the original post/s.


I’m still waiting on my order from ADC, and it’s going on 4 weeks. All i do is get the runaround from them.

Well, for what’s it’s worth, I’m checking into it. Wrote Derric from allday an email hoping he can explain. Well aware of the “runaround” that one can receive.

Concerning alldaychemist:
Dear Webslave

Thank you for the recent mail.

Please note that we are in process to change our payment processing company thus only VISA card is acceptable on our site. The issue would be resolved within the next 5-10 days and then all major credit cards would be acceptable on our site.

With warm regards

Looks like i got screwed over $300, as it’s been 4 weeks and nothing, after numerous emails and attempts. Nothing but the runaround

I quit being middleman.but pm me some info,,see what I can find out.

Still trying to hear from aquachem.

I’m surprised by the number of people in here who got screwed over. I ordered on the 20th, order was dispatched on the 21st and arrived today. This was despite the fact that they undercharged me by $20, they dispatched the product without me waiting to send the check for the remaining money. Will be trying out the generic C later today and will report back.

I had a good experience also. I ordered the Manly tabs and received them in about 20 days. The quality is very good, though not quite as good as Pfizer’s. The price is excellent.

I ordered from ADC last Monday and it came in the mail today. Total time from order to receipt = 8 days.

Legitimate online pharmacies

Are there any?


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