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allantoin and healing

allantoin and healing

Hey everyone,

I haven’t herd anything about allantoin and PE so I thought I should get a discussion going. Allantoin is a substance derived from the Comfrey plant. Its been used in traditional healing of broken bones and wounds. There have been several medical study’s and it has proven to be effective at speeding up the healing process. Its used in cosmetics and is available on ebay and Amazon if anyone cares to experiment with it.

My feeling is anything that would help speed up healing would be a benefit especially to hard gainers.

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I have never used this product but this is a general overview of allantoin.

I think it would make gains harder actually. I believe that if you want to make gains you need to stretch those tissues. Human body always tries to put everything back like it was naturally so I guess it would not help with gains at all. It would only help body to put things like they were.

That’s my opinion.

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I disagree with you mister007. I think it would help, at least with increasing your smooth muscle content. Steroids speed the bodies healing process so I could see allantoin helping in this way although not to such a strong degree.


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