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Airsealed Quality

Airsealed Quality

For several years I had bought the Indian generic 100mg Sildenafils from elitepharmacy. I used to always cut up my 100mg tablets into 25mg chunks as that is all I need for great results. However they no longer had them and decided to try the Sildenafil powder from Airsealed. I purchased 10g of the powder. I have received the powder and noticed that is does not taste like the tablets and leaves my tongue slightly numb. I have tried increasing dosages of the powder with only mediocre results. Does anyone else have any feedback on Airsealed quality or and of their specific products. I am a little concerned as to exactly what is in this powder.

Here is webslave’s web site that rates the suppliers: Http://

You can see that Airsealed is on his good list, but as he says, none of them are infallible. You might want to PM webslave and see what his thoughts are as he is our resident expert.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he reads this thread on his own sometime soon anyways. He is psychic when is comes to knowing when erection meds are being discussed.

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After trying to use the sildenafil powder on a volume basis comaped to what the viagra pills looked like I have decided to test the sildenafil powder on a weight basis. I pulled out my old RCBS Reloading scale and after doing a bit of checking on the Internet discovered that 1 grain is equal to about 64 milligrams. I measured out 2.0 grains or 128 milligrams of powder. As I mentioned before 25mg or 1/4 of a 100 milligram tablet has always given me excellent results. I mixed the sildenafil with water, very reluctant to dissolve and drank it. With regular viagra / sildenafil this would be enough to give me a skin splitting erection and a pounding headache. After one hour all I have is just a very faint flushed feeling in my face. I will give this a few more chances but I am skeptical of the quality of this product.

After my wife came home last night we had sex and I can positively state that the Airsealed product is a waste of money. I went to webslave’s webiste and left him an email to warn people to stay away. Here is the email I wrote.

I just wanted to give you some feedback on Airsealed Sildenafil powder. I ordered 8 grams and have tried it in slowly increasing dosages. The last one was last night at 2.0 grains or 128 milligrams. Nothing! I have always gotten generic Sildenafil 100mg tablets from elitenetpharmacy and cut them into 25mg quarters. This has always given me excellent results.
The powder that I received from Airsealed doesn’t taste like Sildenafil. The Sildenafil always had an intense bitterness to it. This powder is only slightly bitter and left a slight numbness on my tongue. At 128mg this product does nothing at all for erection quality. I would urge you to caution your readers to save their money and try one of the other websites.


I’ve had no problem with airsealed’s tadalafil, although it’s maybe slightly underpowered.

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Yes, I’ve gotten several emails in the last few months pertaining to Airsealed’s powder quality. It was the sildenafil that was mentioned the most.

I’ve sent an email to Airsealed asking for either quality Sildenafil or a refund. I will let everyone know if they respond. It has be a couple of days already.

Good luck there DWade.

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