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ahhhhhhh help!

ahhhhhhh help!

i’ve read through the entire forumn and all of these posts end up without any results, or no one ends a thread properly! So here i go:

Pygeum —- has anyone ACTUALLY seen results? what are some other products that people have seen a major increase in their cum loads that they have tried and seen work?

Penis enlargement pills — do they work? I hear all this stuff on tv, internet about VIG-RX working, and other products like longitude working, but now longitude has shut down etc, what’s going on? what product works in penis enlargement.

Lastly, do these products compromise your health in any sort of way?

THANKS in ADVANCE!! — please people who’ve expierenced this stuff post only.


haven’t seen any results with pyguem I’ve been on it for at least two weeks

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My cousin has been peing for 6 months…. he started peing for 3 months then took VigRx while peing for the next 3 months and he said he had the greates gains in those 3 months. I dont know if it was the pill or his member getting used to the routine. But I am going to start using it and I just started peing… so ill keep u informed.

Originally posted by loveless
haven't seen any results with pyguem I've been on it for at least two weeks

Hey Loveless,

Old buddy!!!

Its nice to see you around these parts. You and I go back to the summer of 2002 at the old BP forum where Thunder and the old crew used to hang out at one time. I know you me as Cool0001 over there. Just paid a recent visit over there and it looks like the place is a total ghost town. I see your last post there was 4-16-03.


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I took pygeum before but did not see any results. However, the same went for me when I first took lecithin, but the problem was I did not take enough. For lecithin, I need to take at least 12 capsules (1200 mg each) in order to see results.

I have just restarted pygeum, this time taking mega doses (i.e 8-10 capsules of 500 mg each) and I will see if I get results.

No experience with Pygeum here. Penis enlargement pills are generally what I call “herbal cocktails” of everything under the sun that is suppost to improve erections/stamina/desire. Whether or not they are truly effective for that purpose depends on who you ask and what pills you take. In my experience they do in fact work to a small but noticable degree.

Just look out for people that want to rip you off. There are a lot of them out there.

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