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After taking ZINC 50 mg Pill

After taking ZINC 50 mg Pill

Today I am start using “ZINC 50mg” tablet. Once a day. After using this tablet for the 1st time, after sometime, my body gets warming up. I felt body temperature raised. Kindly advise if this usually happens after taking this pill or there is any other cause of temperature feeling?

It might be a little too much for you? I’m not sure. Be careful there is also plenty of zinc in your food, depending what you eat.

Can you half the tablet? I would take half, from what I’ve read the average male needs around 13mg a day, so it’s still enough.


Oral zinc sulfate supplements can also cause side effects such as stomach upset, heartburn and nausea. Rare side effects have also been reported and these include fever, sore throat, mouth sores, weakness and fatigue.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I’ve never known anyone who experienced their body “warming up” after taking 50mg of zinc.

Zinc if a crucial mineral for men. It’s been said that zinc is to men what calcium is to women. It plays a role in testosterone production, libido, sperm production, etc.

Many men are deficient in zinc.

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Its better generally to try and get any nutrient from food if possible. There are many co-factors, like iron, copper, manganese which either help with absorption or limit toxicity. Chickpeas, lean meat, oysters, are a few examples of foods high in zinc. I have heard that poppyseeds are rich in zinc. Most people don’t really eat that, unless its in bread or poppyseed rolls. Particular ants used in chinese medicine are said to be the highest source of zinc.

I’ve seen threads like this every now and then but the OP never supplies any useful information as to “why” they need zinc supplements or if they have researched it.

I researched zinc 2-3 years ago because of threads on here. From what I remember, there is a relationship between zinc and copper that needs to stay in balance. There are risks to taking too much zinc and think it’s prudent for the OP to check it out.

IMO ambiguous posts on how zinc in men plays a role in testosterone production, libido, sperm production just reinforces bad decision making.

Most men don’t know jack shit about their diet. Perhaps anyone considering a supplement should start there first and figure it out.

Turned out in my research that I had a diet rich in zinc plus what my multi-vitamin added.

My daily and weekly diet includes Almonds, garlic, meats (beef, lamb, pork), shrimp, fish, beans, chick peas, spinach, broccoli, yogurt, asparagus, etc. Most of these are high or good with zinc levels. Oysters were also on my weekly menu but not as of late.

Unfortunately nowadays anything that people think needs fixing is done by just popping a pill.

Are there not different types of zinc as well?

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Originally Posted by kfarrelldba
Are there not different types of zinc as well?

Zinc gluconate is most common, there is zinc picolinate, zinc pyroglutimate, and basically zinc combined with other minerals.

Jack you do not need that much zinc unless you are sweating and physically exerting yourself all day. Bite the pill in half and take it an hour before a meal to ensure proper absorbtion. However if you take zinc with any kind of calcium wether it be from milk, greens, or meat zinc absorption will be almost cut in half. What you were probably feeling was either a thermogenic reaction to protein in food or an increase in leutinizing testosterone from the zinc.

You can get zinc from foods such as meat, fish, and mushrooms but minerals such as copper block absorption and magnesium blocks copper. This is why bodybuilders with mineral deficiencies take all three at different times each day. You can get chew half a zinc tablet to encourage faster absorption but it tastes like chalk. Other options are zinc cough drops and OTC cold remedies at a much higher price which contain several types of zinc.

Having zinc after a break gives me a upset stomach. Almost to puking

The reason you felt warm is because that much zinc on an empty stomach can have that effect. It will also cause nausea. I would try taking half with a meal that doesn’t contain calcium, as someone already mentioned. Or you can eat pumpkin seeds which are naturally high in zinc.

For me its better if you eat more, than taking those pills. We need more data about nutrients in food IMO.

Zinc gives me an upset stomach also. Years ago when I researched it, many sources also claimed that in order to absorb zinc properly, it needs to have copper present. Many zinc sups have a small amount of copper included for that reason.

Originally Posted by manage123452000
Zinc gives me an upset stomach also. Years ago when I researched it, many sources also claimed that in order to absorb zinc properly, it needs to have copper present. Many zinc sups have a small amount of copper included for that reason.

Zinc and copper are antagonistic. They compete for absorption. Many recomend taking zinc and copper to avoid deffiency in one or the other .

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