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adding finasteride to minoxidil solution


OK before I take the pill. Can somebody who works out and takes Propecia chime in please?

Is there anyone who takes fin and can confirm that they have no problem getting a lean fit and toned body, with no man breast or fatter face problems?

Been taking Fin for 12 years. I am 36 and currently have what many consider a ripped physique.

The people who get side effects are the loudest. Most are happy and quietly living their lives with hair and no side effects.

"Look what your brother did to the door!"

Thanks Leatherface.

I talked to my doctor about taking propecia and my insurance wouldn’t cover it. So he prescribed me finastride, which is prescribed for prostate cancer, and told me to cut it up in to quarters and it is the same as propecia. So thats what I do. It’s a lot less than the propecia and last longer since I’m cutting every pill into quarters. Seems to be working great and I use rogane twice a day as instructed.

I also take testosterone weekly plus other supplements and I still have a full head of hair. I noticed some slight thinning when I was getting ready for a bodybuilding competition and so I started the finastride/propecia.

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