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Adderall and Provigil experience anyone???

Adderall and Provigil experience anyone???

Just wondering if anyone had an experience with either of these drugs. I read an article on “neuro-enhancers” recently and thought you guys might have some feedback. I’m thinking about giving them a go. Everyone I know who has tried them said they focus like a mofo and are the most productive they have ever been. That true???

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I’m on Vyvanse. It’s very similar to Adderall, however, it’s longer lasting and doesn’t give you a ‘high’ while you’re on it. I lasts 10-12 hours depending on what you eat and how well you sleep. I used adderall for my stock brokerage exam. It worked really well. I was a moron and procrastinated studying until the last 2 weeks before having it. I went through all the materials in a few days (the book I had was over 700 pages) and was really interested in the material. You won’t eat and you will poop a lot on it. You will lose weight most likely. I would talk to your doc and ask if you could try Vyvanse. It’s constant. Adderall has ups and downs. Vyvanse is just so much better.

Interesting, thanks for the info. And I heard your sex drive goes to zilch. I’m looking for a place to buy them online, as I don’t want to deal with trying to con a doctor into giving me ADD meds because I want to lead a more productive day. They freak when you seem disingenuous.

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Originally Posted by bamm
Adderall has ups and downs. Vyvanse is just so much better.

When I was taking the regular adderall I had the ups and downs, meaning your hyper and focus, then when it starts to wear off you just feel like shit. Now I’m taking the EXTENDED release adderall and I no longer have ups and down.

About the sex life part, it dosen’t kill mine, but my it defiantly shrinks my flaccid penis while I’m on it, and that might kill some peoples sex drive mentally. However, as soon as the drug wears off your flaccid will hang like a horse again.

Does anybody know where you can get it online? I tried elitenet and alldaychemist but neither of them have it.

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Bubba, it’s like a narcotic. You can’t just buy it online without a prescription. When I went to get tested they could tell right away that I had it because I wouldn’t stop shaking my leg. I have ADHD, I never knew that was one of the symptoms until he told me. If you go to the doctor and your legs and hands don’t stop moving then they give you meds. If your doctor doesn’t do it, just go to another one.

I was able to get my ass doctor (Gastrointestinal) to write me for two drugs on the operating table just by asking. He and the anesteiologist didn’t even know what they were. Shows you how well educated people in the med profession are with new products springing up by the dozens each second.

I got written for provigil due to me sleeping 18 to 20 hours a day with average blood results. This is before and during the journey of a thousand retarded doctors (soon to be both a book and a movie). My shyster insurance refused to pay for the drug, so I took the script back and sent it to Pharmacychecker and got IDENTICAL REAL drugs, not generics, in the same weight and duration for $173 plus 10 bucks shipping. Instead if my insurance would pay, I would have to come up with half of $695.00!

Provigil did nothing for me really cause I had other issues that circumvented it. However I did get with no script at all Stablon which isn’t even in this shithole country and works synergistically with Provigil.

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