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A question about vitamin C

A question about vitamin C

I just read some of the discussions about vitamin C and it’s effect on PE. It seems that it really is better not to take it while PEing. Now, I don’t understand one thing - should one just decrease the amount of vitamin C taken per day, or not take any at all? Every morning when me and my family get up, my mother mixes a juice for us. She takes one grape, two oranges, two kiwis, one banana and two pears. I get to drink one third of that. Is that already the quantity of vitamin C which could impact negatively my potential gains? I’ve been PEing for two months, still without gains. It wouldn’t be easy to stop drinking this juice. What would I say? Mom, dad, I can’t drink this because it would prevent my penis’ growth?

No vitamin “C” won’t hurt you. Drink your juice. In the case of Testosterone it can enhance the male sex hormone by blocking the liver’s ability to convert Testosterone over to Estrogen. Vitamin Conception is un-avoidable it is in almost everything.


Thank you kingpole but I see that you’re a new member. I’d appreciate if someone with more experience would give a comment about this…

I say drink your juice. A healthy body is the best thing for PE, so go for health first and PE second. No one has found a pill to make you penis grow and no one has found a pill to make it shrink either.

Antihistamines and decongestants tend to shrink your flaccid size, but that is because they dry you up. One recommendation you hear a lot around here is to drink a lot of water, so body hydration levels are important.

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