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A potent vitamin mix!

A potent vitamin mix!

Hey all,

Looking for a bit of guidance in the vitamin world.
Assume I get little, or no nutrition or sustenance from food- I eat VERY little fruit and veg, which I know is bad- but I just don’t like them!

I know I am probably lacking a lot of vitamins I am needing! I have bought a Men’s multi vitamin (once a day), Cenovis brand, and I am going to purchase some high quality fish oil tablets, however I am requesting someone to share info, on what else may be beneficial to me.

I have no major health concerns or issues - oh I am a smoker if that changes anything. I just know that I could be feeling allot better if I was getting the right vitamins. If I could say one thing about myself it is that I am a bit on the lazy side, and lack motivation allot of the time.



The best thing for you to do is to learn as much about nutrition as you can and start eating right.


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Get about two different bottles of multi vitamins. I have a GNC brand and some other Men’s One a day multi vitamin. Take em both in the morning. But I ran out of GNC so I take one Men’s in the morning and one in the evening til I go shopping again.

I started this for my gym workouts though, but probably helps with PE.


PS- Stop smoking. ;) Anything bad for the body isn’t exactly helping.

OneHungLo: My mum couldn’t get me to eat anything like that growing up, although I know I have to change my eating habits, I am not in a good position to do this now, and would rather take them in pill form for convenience now.


Stop smoking. More important than meat-a-vit-a-veg-a-mins.

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Hmm I ask for good vitamins, and I get info on what to eat and to not smoke.

Thanks EJ for an answer.

d_sutuous look at multi vitamins by NSI.

Been taking them for months really good stuff

The one for $280/month looks good. :)

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