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A new sexual enhancer ?



I believe it will be a couple of years before pt141 becomes available, despite all the research on melanotan. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to try melanotan II last year for tanning purposes. Being redheaded it gave some help in the tanning department but not enough of a cost/benefit ratio for me. Had an overall rise in everyday mood with a slight rise in sexual desire. However I was on vacation so this might explain the mental results. After two weeks of taking in I began to have spontaneous erections frequently i.e. every time the wind blew or a reasonably attractive woman was in sight (this is not good in a public beach environment). This lasted for about 2-3 days till my system balanced out. Staying power increased and I had a little trouble reaching orgasm if I had been drinking hard liquor, but not with beer. Also was good for sex 4 times a day for about a week although desire tapered back to normal after the 4th day. I will try it again as I think I was underdosing myself, but it is expensive and hard to find.

Originally Posted by zaneblue
Don’t take high dose cod liver oil—it also has Vitamin A and D which may lead to vitamin overdose. It’s healthy to take fish oil long term—the American Heart Association recommends it. (although not at the extremely high doses I recommend).

Thanks Zene.
I’m sticking with the dose recommended by product.
Cod liver oil by Seven Seas is very popular in India.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any fish oil product here.

What’s your opinion on Hawthorn Berry which is supposed to be good for heart?

kbvk, go away. This thread is definitely not about heart health issues :chuckle:

redak, thank’s for the insight. So a related, expensive product already available would be Melatonan II. I am going to google some about it ;)

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KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

OK, Melatonan II is in research phase only. I found a mentioning on several BB sites, but they all go back to one forum posting which doesn’t seem to exist anymore :(

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KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

Don’t know a thing about Hawthorn berry. But cod liver oil can certainly be taken long-term at the recommended dose.

I think it's the woman's job to tighten up to fit her man--it's lots easier for us.

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Thanks again for the info.

Sorry for hijacking this thread. I’m going away from this thread.


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