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100% whey?

100% whey?

Hey guys,

I just started taking 100% whey protein for my lifting, but I was curious if this will help my peing also? Thank you

There is no such thing as 100% whey protein. 100% of the protein in your powder might come from whey but that isn’t the same as 100% whey protein. Clever marketing. Using a term to imply something different and quite false. They should call it 80% whey protein because that is probably the most protein it contains. It doesn’t have the same ring to it though, so they call it 100% whey protein to imply it contains 100% protein when what they secretly mean is that 100% of the protein content comes from whey.

Extra protein will help PE only if you weren’t taking sufficient protein for an anabolic (building) state before. If you are taking sufficient protein for an anabolic state already, adding more protein won’t help your penis grow more.

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