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YOUR WORST INJURY - Did You Overcome?

YOUR WORST INJURY - Did You Overcome?

Guys…I need to vent. I am in hell right now—absolute hell.

‘Hell’ is defined in Websters Dictionary as: “the inability to jelq and stretch ur dick n’ stuff”. That’s right, after one unsuccessful run at the newbie routine, I find myself injured and unable to continue until I heal. For those interested in reading further, I have detailed my injury as well as the mistakes that I believe led to this injury. For those in a hurry not wanting to read a lot, I only ask you this:

What was your worst and/or longest lasting injury, how did you feel when you couldn’t PE while injured, and how did you overcome?

My story in a nutshell: Began w/ the newbie routine on June 22 2012. Warmed up w/ a rice sock and warmed down, and even started slow w/ only about 45 jelqs the first week.

My mistakes:
1). I increased the number of jelqs during each session WAY too frequently—for example, one week I did 45 jelqs, next week I bumped it all the way up to 85, then the VERY NEXT SESSION was up to 120…for myself, this was WAY too much too fast. I was having no negative PI’s until I reached about the 220 jelq mark after a few weeks, and this proved to be insanely too much. After one session on late August (I only jelqued one day on 2 days off, I like my rest), I had a pretty horrible (fleeting but intense) pain in the left side corpus spongeosum (the tissue surrounding the urethra on the bottom of the penis), from the base all the way down to the base of the glans. It felt like it was coming from a very narrow, specific region about the circumference of a small string of yarn. It was a shooting pain, and would go away after a few ‘shoots’ of pain, but needless to say it let me know that I was doing something wrong. I gave myself a 5 day break, was feeling no pain and tried again (again, foolishly going up to 220 jelqs) and the pain was back the next day. This was on 9/3/2012, and I haven’t PE’d since, because the pain throbs still occasionally strike (although they’ve lessened in intensity, which is good). I never lost the ability to get an erection—can still get rock hard and have great sensation. It’s just this occasional pain that throbs a few times occasionally throughout the day.

2). Kind of similar to above—I now know not to blindly follow even the most popular routines, and to listen to my own body and its unique needs. I am most definitely a less is more guy, and the Newbie Routine (building up to 200 jelqs) is WAY too much for me. Rather, I should be working up to 75 or 100 jelques within a few weeks.

3). I was PE’ing to meet an imaginary social deadline—I figured if i started in June I could have a bigger dick by xmas, and see all my friends and family w/ more confidence. THIS WAS A MONUMENTAL MISTAKE. PE should never be viewed as a ‘rushed’ thing, you will only be dissapointed in the end. It should be viewed as a long term, slow progress.

4). I was using a rice sock to warm up and warm down. That’s all fine and dandy, but if you speak to the more experienced members on this board they will tell you that submerging in heated water is much better—makes your dick like taffy when you pull it out, much more pliable. Infrared is also great, and I currently have a bulb on the way from Europe, should be here by Oct 23…

5). The pain has been slowly dissapating, but jacking off seems to re-inflame it. NOT JACKING OFF IS HARD, especially when you’re bored. You’re not supposed to touch an injured dick. But I have trouble not jacking off after its been like 4 days. And every time I jackoff (usually very late at night when i cant sleep), even EXTREMELY lightly results in more pain the next day. It seems that this has slowed the healing somewhat, and now I just have to man the fuck up and keep my hands off my dick for at least 2 weeks and see what happens (furthest i’ve gone is a week solid without any touching, but then I gave in and whatdya know, pain was back to an extent).

I can still get rock hard erections and have full feeling.
I’ve tried L-arganine powder to speed up the healing process and induce higher HGH production, but find that the necessary dosages to do this give me insomnia (im a very sensitive sleeper—LOTS of things give me insomnia). In the end I figured a good night’s rest was worth more than the potential healing ‘boost’ that L-arganine might give, so I’ve stopped using it.
I’ve started a regular warmup routine of submerging it under warm water for 15 minutes. This seems beneficial to an extent, but if I do it 3 times per day it seems to actually inflame the problem and make it worse. So once per day is what i’m sticking with.

For those who’ve read this far: Do you have any suggestions for me to heal up and/or get through this time? Has anyone had any injury that’s similar to what I’m describing, and how long did it take to heal up and restart? Just having to wait and not PE in itself is torture…my life is kinda shit right now and is literally on hold until I get a bigger piece. I know it’s silly, but man it has effected me to a DEEP level and dragged me down to a pretty dark place. The ONE thing keeping me going is the prospect of PE actually working. I know I’m capable of being a happy, successful male, IF i can make my dick grow…lol. These forums have been a real help so far in keeping me going, and I hope someone here has some experience or advice they can share that might keep me going physically and mentally in a positive direction.

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I forgot to mention, another one of my mistakes was my jelqing grip. I put too much emphisis on the bottom of my penis w/ my index finger…I should have been focusing more on applying pressure to the sides. This could also lead into yet another mistake, which is not taking the time to learn the anatomy of the penis before I started (did not know that corpus cavernosa were the main targets of jelqing)

I used to get shooting pains when I was an active PEer. Not often but there were periods and they last for a while. It’s likely less of a problem than you think.

Wait until you get something burst on you and you have a bloody bulge the size of coin which you then repeatedly rupture.

Maybe you went too fast. Maybe you went just the right speed to find out how far you can go without injury. It’s only on the edge of injury, you’re in the realm of gains (beyond a newbie bounce), imo. If you aren’t pushing you’ll be complaining you’re not gaining.

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So the last time I really inflamed my injury was September 3rd. It is now Oct 13 and since then I have not PE’d at all. BUT ITS STILL SORE! The shoots of pain are definitely fewer and far between and less intense, but I know (from experience) that even a light masterbation session will inflame it right back up again. THIS IS SO AGGRIVATING! Whatever injury I have is slow healing as HELL. Granted much of September I had bad insomnia, thus wasn’t getting the proper rest at night that I needed. But damn for this to still be a nagging injury more than a month later is so frustrating and discouraging. As of now, AT THE EARLIEST i plan on postponing my restart of PE until December 1, but it might even have to wait until January 1!!! :(

I experimented with warm water submersion for 15 min 3 times per day, and this proved to be too much (actually inflamed my injury more and caused it to hurt more).
My next step is to try Contrast Therapy once per day (switching between warm and cold water and back again a few times). I will update this thread with the results of that treatment.

Has anyone else experienced a long lasting injury like this? All I do is sit inside all day waiting for night to come so I can sleep and possibly heal a little more…life sucks :( I wish I could be one of those people that didn’t put his life on hold bc of his dick, but man life really sucks when u have to turn down girls cuz of size. In my head I’m in a temporary prison sentence that I have to make it through to survive. AKA, if PE does not work for me, I know that I won’t be existing on this planet for much longer. Not wanting any sympathy, but for me personally, life w/ a small one just isn’t worth living. It really isn’t, and escape would be a welcome alternative to the dull, mundane feeling of being an unfuckable old man at such a young age. I’m tired of avoiding women, being normal in social situations until dick conversations start up, and being shy in bars bc i know my junk wont cut it. Life just isnt good, u know? It brings me much less anxiety to just avoid all that and sit inside all day, but alas, that comes with failure at school, slowly distancing yourself from your friends and worse, isolating yourself from new work (money-making) opportunites. But damn, I just need a bigger dick before I can live again. Anyone else been this low before? I know this is a long rant but man I’m having trouble here. 1.5-2 months to wait until I PE again might not sound like much, but when all you’re doing is sitting inside on your laptop all day it seems like forever, and it’s really starting to get to me :( . Can anyone relate?

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