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Your Longest Decon/Healing Break?

Your Longest Decon/Healing Break?

Hey erryone…

So, like the title reads, what’s the longest time you’ve taken off from PE, for injury healing, deconditioning or otherwise?
Due to the overzealous nature of my attempt at the newbie routine (upping reps too quickly and not using the Linear Routine instead), I injured myself jelqing. This resulted in sporatic, SHARP pains days after ejaculating. I plan on not PEing until August or September of this year, and that will have been 12 months, one solid year of no PE. Not only no PE, but a solid year of trying to not touch my dick and not ejaculate while awake. This has been very stressful on me and unimagineably hard, but my injury has slowly improved and if I can keep this no touching my dick thing up for another 5 months or so, I will be able to guiltlessly continue PE whether my pains are still here or not. September is the absolute longest I can wait without trying PE again, so at that point Ill know I have done all I can about my injury and wont hate myself for pushing through it (I can still get rock hard erections, and I can live with the pains I was getting if they dont heal - but I cannot live with this small unit anymore! It’s just not ‘me’, if you feel where I’m coming from :P

So, what’s the longest you’ve gone without PE? How was this on you mentally, physically, etc? I’m finding that waiting to PE is one of the most miserable things a person can do, as I’m not being very social at all during this year off either (became very secluded once I realized my unit was ‘small’…:/…each day is a struggle, I have my good and my bad days, and all I can really say to keep myself going is, at least I’m not a quadraplegic somewhere (knock on wood). That would be a fate worse than death…it’s a thought that helps keep me going sometimes.

On a sidenote, if you’re ever extremely depressed about your own fate, google ‘aparalyzed forums’ and take a read around at people who have been FUCKED OVER by life so badly….it really does help put things into perspective and lets you know just how strong some people can be (maintaining a positive outlook even though they can’t even breathe, eat or shit for themselves, etc. It’s an amazing place to read some incredibe life stories and cruel twists of fate…anyways, hope at least somebody can reply to this! I’m bored as fuck and sometimes wish this place was more like a chat room than a forum!

Love to you all,

May I ask your age, weight, and length? It seems that your letting the size of your penis control your whole life. Unless your very small I would not spend all of my time and efforts trying to PE. If a woman generally likes you she will not be so concerned to how big your penis actually is. Also it is much better to have a small dick that works than a large one that doesn’t. Be thankful for what got gave you to work with.
Are you still waking up with morning erections?
You have gone 5 months without ejaculating?
If so any wet dreams?

Relax mate

It’s interesting. I had wet dreams quite often during the first several months, but over time they have slowed to around once every ten days. Another very real and very bad side effect of not using my dick is that I appear to have lost a solid .25” in length. I know it wasn’t from PE, because even after I stopped my routine completely I measured 5.75” NBP consistently for months afterward. But I think my depression, as well as the length of time without touching my dick, has caused it to atrophy a little to 5.5” at it’s hardest. I’m absolutely certain about my 5.75” starting stats, I’ve been at that length since 16 and measure the same way every time with similar EQ. Took a Cialis this evening and plan to do a final test w/ the best EQ possible over the next several days. If I can hit the 5.75” mark I’ll be relieved…this added effect of loss length and libido from forcing myself not to splooge sure is a mindfuck.

Hope it can be overcome with manual stretches next year. Damn…sucks to even think about it, waiting until January to PE again…:/ (just changed my starting date from September to at least January 2014 just to be safe…I don’t ever want these pains coming up again if I can help it. Really, really hoping these arent permanent. If they are, I’ll just have to PE through it and see if I can get by w/ some hurt every so often.

Will update w/ the results of the Cialis over the next several days. Wish me luck…

You shall be fine, your definitely stressing out yourself way too much mate.. The fact that you are still having wet dreams indicate that your unit is fully functional.. Why are you taking cialis? Thinking your dick too small is a common mental problem. Have you ever had any sexual relations? Going out and experimenting shall rid your self of all your anxiety

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