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Wrinkled penis head

Wrinkled penis head

Hey guys, I’m new and I can’t post this anywhere else and I’m too anxious to wait so please bear with me. As you can see I have some not so great looking lines on my glans. Is this normal? Should I just not worry about it? I don’t think it affects sensation and it doesn’t hurt. I’m not circumcised and I’ve had this for as long as I remember. It doesn’t go away when I’m erect either.
From what I’ve seen online most people don’t have this. Is there any way (exercise, cream) I can use to get as smooth head? Any ideas what caused it?
Thanks people

PS I’m not sure if I attached pics correctly, I’ll do it in a reply if not

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It’s perfectly fine bud. Mine looks the same way. For the most part anyway. Once my eq got better the lines and wrinkles pretty much disappeared. Work on your eq and start with the linear newbie routine. You’ll be good to go.

I’m going to move this to the injuries and treatments section as it is not a progress report.

Originally Posted by dickerschwanz
Its just very prominent on you, I have it too
With PE its good to b alert but when you get into PE exercises there will appear even more things not seen before. LIke veins and stuff.

I dig the mean look of my exercised cock. But I guess some would freak out over it lol

Well said dickerschwanz. I dig the look as well. It gets called fit, muscular and veiny pretty frequently. If I put a cock ring on it is a whole separate ball game. Then it looks like it’s on steroids haha.

I am by far not an expert, but the EQ advice I believe is a good thought. Also, maybe dry skin? I know sometimes I can get irritated there and get dry skin. P.S. Try utterly smooth. Good lotion for anywhere, I even use it on my face. I mean it works for cows!

Yup, is common enough :)

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