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Would like your input. Penis pump damage

Would like your input. Penis pump damage

I’m 21 I’ve used a vacuum pump for about 3 months on and off with no problem and great results.

One day I pump and my penis felt really exhausted. I did not urinate blood but for about 2 weeks when I couldn’t get a fully hard erection. Waited about a month and it was back to 93% or so.

Note: throughout this whole post keep in mind I masturbate about 7-10 times a week from the beginning of the story to last night right now.

Then at 93% I used the pump that day (screw the regimen I need to diagnose my problem and how to remedy) and same problem happened. Things is I began to notice a bit of indentation on the right side of my shaft about 1/3 inch long, it’s half inch down from the base of my head. It isn’t very deep but my girlfriend can tell when she goes down..

So I waited another month and tried it again and same problem.. Now I’m seeing that my erections have become weaker and not as full. On a good day I’m about 93% and this is the best.. After I ejaculate my penis becomes extremely sensitive and goes through major shrinkage. The flaccid penis is slightly twisted to the right and now just stays at the 1’o’clock position. I also am concerned about the indentation.. Furthermore. My head doesn’t throb all big and sexy like it used to. I don’t experience any pain, sometimes soreness when I overmasterbate..

Help!! Do I have a permanent serious injury ?? What can I do? Anyone experience this ? Can I get the indentation to fill back out ? Can I still PE in the future ?? I’m totally freaked out. I can’t see my doctor until 2 weeks from now when my HMO kicks over.

I’m assuming I should stop masturbating.. But damn I’m addicted.. Any guidelines? Should I just stop touching myself for a month ?

I’m more concerned about the damage and the medical advice your guys’ knowledge has to offer . Thanks again btw the skin around the indentation is a tad bit more sensative

I never used a pump so I don’t know what you did to yourself, but it sounds like something not good. Why don’t you forget about pumping for a while and do some jelking? This would put pressure on your dent and maybe fix it. Plus, people often find that jelking helps erection quality.

Horny Bastard

Have you ever heard of anything like my condition ?? I’m sure theres alot of pumpers out there..

I think it’s maybe some tissure or spongy that got injured .. I need someone whos dealt with this experience and got it fixed to give me advice.

I’m sure the first question will be how much time and how much vacuum you have been using.

Horny Bastard

Ashmeh, please tell me that your pump has a guage and you did not exceed 5hg.

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

Yeah… ditto on the guage and not going over 5 hg. Do you get the doughnut effect pumping?

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