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Worst injury ever? (non-PE related)

“So to all of those who may or may not have heard, one of the most prominent black men in porn and CEO of SilverBack Ent Prince Yahshua has been hurt on set. While working on a West Coast productions Set a well known girl to reality TV but new to porn by the name of Bethany Benz or “Caviar” was in a reverse cowgirl position with Prince. In the process of their rhythm being off while she was coming down and moving around he came up missed and heard a pop. He immediately pushed her off looked down and blood started rushing out of his penis. Trying not to be in shock all who was on set who worked for West Coast including the director grabbed towel after towel but there was so much blood that he had to be rushed to the hospital. When he got to the hospital as I walked in you wouldn’t even imagine what I saw or how a man could be so calm while in so much pain. They immediately had to take him to surgery where we later learned that she tore his Urethra tube and ripped the muscle wall of his penis. He stayed in the hospital for 3 days and had to walk around with a catheter for a week. Although now he is at home recovering he will be out of work for 2 months. I will be throwing a benefit for him as medical bills are crazy so I will keep you posted on that and if you choose to send any cards or flowers or whatever please contact me and I will give the info. Prince is in no way upset at the girl but he realizes accidents happen and just wants to recover and come back stronger. So to all fans and industry please keep your prayers going for him and just wish him the best. Thank you for your time and understanding…

Aryana Starr-Yahshua”

Just in case the link will not work in future.

Just want to say: ouch!

Prince Yahshua Recovers From Freak Accident


LOS ANGELES — Urban X Award-winning performer Prince Yahshua is on schedule to make a full recovery from a freak “broken penis” accident he suffered during a sex scene on Aug. 23. Earlier this week Yahshua had his catheter removed and his doctor told him “the surgery was a 110 percent success.”

“Everything aligned itself back up right. It will be a two-month recovery,” he told XBIZ. “So I’m very, very happy right now. Because definitely as soon as I got to the hospital that day they were like, ‘Whoa, let us let you know now that you may never do porn again if we don’t fix this right.’”

Yahshua, who won the Urban X Award for Male Performer of the Year in July, was working with newcomer Bethany Benz for West Coast Productions when things went south. Benz was Caviar on the reality show “For the Love of Ray J.”

“She’s a newcomer to the game, so I start the scene and I had her in the cowgirl position and it wasn’t working out too well. I didn’t like it and the producer didn’t really like it. So I spun her around for reverse cowgirl because we thought maybe it’d be easier for her because of her height. She’s around my height. Then 10 seconds into it, her rhythm wasn’t matching with my rhythm. As I put my head to the side to talk to her, the next thing you heard was…[crunch].

“She jumped off and I guess it’s the equivalent of going to your backyard, you know how you turn on your garden hose and it sprays out? That’s exactly what happened out of my dick. It was like five to six people got massacred in the room, not killed, massacred.

“I lost a pint and a half of blood. The reason why I didn’t lose consciousness is because I was shocked and I kept on biting my lower lip so I wouldn’t fade out.”

Prince continued, “Luckily for us we had the producer and two other fairly big guys at the scene that were upstairs and they carried my big ass out and put me in the director Terry Burton’s truck and he floored it to the hospital.”

Yahshua said the group was running red lights and got pulled over by the police on the way.

“When the producer rolled down the window so they could see all the blood on me they gave us a police escort to the hospital,” Yahshua said.

“As soon as I got to the hospital they had to do an immediate emergency surgery on me. In layman’s terms I broke my dick. In the scientific world, it was my urethra, my pee hole was ripped and the aligning wall muscle to my dick was torn.”

Yahshua said the normal procedure for a surgery like that is 1 hour, 20 minutes, but his doctor took three hours to work on him. He said the doctor knew who Yahshua was and actually was “a fan.”

“It was thank you Jesus that I actually do have quite a few fans that actually know of me,” he said. “The head specialist ended up being a fan of mine. So I was in the hospital for three-and-a-half days.”

Now that his catheter is out, he is regaining mobility. He has 32 stitches down there.

“Now I’m getting the strength back in my legs,” he said. “They told me things came back together perfectly.”

Raybaby I was grabbing my crotch in fear while reading all that….. Now I’m scared of sex! haha

Ouch… Sounds like a scene from nightmare.

Something similar happened to me, but not nearly as severe and not in same position. I was on top and sex was fast and vigorous, it slipped out and on the way back I missed the hole and it hurt pretty bad. Luckily, there were no consequences.

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I never want to have sex again!

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