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Did you try what daysdrag suggested? It seemed like if anything would help you, it would be the benefit of his experience and his recommendations.


Any update man.. I’m really into your story and I hope you have taken your life yet..

I too have had a similar injury with PE. I headed down the same route as you.. But I actually had jelqed over a year before it happened. I was doing advanced exercises doing horse squeezes (high pressure girth exercise) when I blew up a vein (I think). I had awesome gains (ended up at 8” BPEL by 6” EG), but my penis basically shut down for awhile.. Months.. It was a nightmare and I became suicidal, although I never attempted to try.

I saw several urologists who were all useless.. They took my pee and felt for hardness in my flaccid penis then sent me on my way. What they really need a professional andrologist because urology (focus on urinary tract) isn’t really the correct profession. I mean.. They have a Gynecologist for women, where the heck is the Andrologist for men?? Urology is NOT the right way to go. I’ve been to three.

Anyway, as I ramble on, it’s been almost 2 years since my injury, I have never been back to the same state of PE and my penis never returned to it’s big size. I must say I think I am a bit bigger than where I originally began, but the feel just isn’t the same. Man this whole jelq thing is just so darn risky. I’m still trying to fix the same area where the injury occurred and there is definitely a vein involved too. I’m pretty sure both our injuries are tied to vein damage and penis circulation. I have tried Fresh Pomegranate and acai, L-Arginine, Omega-3, baby aspirin.. (Haven’t tried Erosets yet, but might try it).. This is a really depressing route, but I just wanted to let you know that you aren’t the only one out there. I’m also sure there are plenty out there who just don’t post, but are in the same boat. My best results came from just massive kegeling and no touching or playing with it. Just complete and total rest. I think I will try this method (again.), but never kill yourself man.. I know it might seem hopeless.. But just hang in there.. I’ve been with this stupid injury for so long now.also just stay away from porno haha.

Okay, now that I have resurrected this thread, hopefully people might respond and add to this post. I also hope that I remember to check this forum soon, because it is truly great and it is great to see so many others strive for perfection. Your story really got to me Judicious. It really did, I am the same way, anxious, seeking perfection. I really didn’t need PE, but just wanted to complete everything. I always ask myself, wtf is the point of living without a great penis? I mean, money, cars, nothing compares to great sex. Blah blah, I’ll shut up now, .. Feel free to PM me anytime.



Hope it’s better for you man. For me it’s really hasn’t. This is definitely a risky thing. My whole lower region is now not normal. My bladder and urine are wack. It’s been the worst thing to happen to me. I wish I had done it better or more carefully. Sadly these are the things we learn after the fact. I too have been so sad that I’ve been depressed and well thinking of sad thoughts. I just hope it’s been better for you. I just don’t wish this on to anyone. It is something I wish I hadn’t done but it is no one’s fault but my own. I hope you are well.


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