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Give it a few months and lay off PE.

regards, mgus

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Originally Posted by Judicious
So the prozac isn’t causing the problem.

Mate I took Seroxat for ONE DAY and lost my 18yr old erection for about 2 nights. I know they are different drugs but they can have an effect on erection straight away.

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And SSRI’s are in that category.

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Now guys , I also have the same problems and prominent vein - it is connected. The veins are prominent because they are varicose and are damaged .. so they do not shrink up ever and are messing with the circulation.

Originally Posted by chrono_
Now guys , I also have the same problems and prominent vein - it is connected. The veins are prominent because they are varicose and are damaged .. so they do not shrink up ever and are messing with the circulation.

Chrono, you say that damaged varicose veins wont shrink up ever and mess with the circulation, but can they heal and return to providing normal circulation, even if they don’t shrink back to normal size?

This I do not know .. there are some researches in this area - mainly concerning the varicose veins in legs and their treatment. Now if you damage a vein it loses it’s elasticity so it grows larger by the blood that is gathering inside(and is not capable of transport it). Now these veins in legs are impossible to be left alone due to the necessary flow in them so they cannot repair themselves. On the other hand your dick’s blood circulation is less so you can intentionally give it a break and see if your body can reverse the damage you’ve caused.

Originally Posted by Mr. Happy
That’s utter nonsense.

A urologist would certainly be able to tell if something were wrong even without having seen your pee-pee ‘beforehand.’

Further, The Newbie Routine is a very safe form of PE - even you happen to be overzealous; you’d have to really go way out of your way to permanently injure yourself from practicing it. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it’s highly unlikely.

My gut tells me you are creating drama for yourself, and now you’re sharing that drama here.

What’s the deal Judicious?

The real deal, I mean?

Bullshit mate. Urologists cannot always accurately diagnose malfunctions. They don’t say “It’s alright” because of genuine conviction, but because they don’t know how to fix a problem.

If you don’t know how to fix something, what’s the better option - telling the patient he has a problem, but nothing can be done exacerbating his anxiety and possibly making the issue worse, or telling a patient he is fine - getting the placebo affect and possibly slight improvement?

Yataghan50 is right.

Disagree. A diligent urologist who suspect a problem but don’t know the cause will prescribe exams.

Anyway, chrono, you also girth shrinkage due to varicose vein?

Judicious, I had this problem you describe. I left my dick alone for close to 8 months, and nothing was happening; I did not see any healing of my dick. So here’s what I did, I took a low dose of Viagra before bed, as well as L-Arginine everyday for a few months. Recently, when I came off taking the L-Arginine and Viagra every day, I noticed my erections are back to normal almost. I still ejaculate within minutes of having sex, but I find there are several methods of getting around this. Usually I get off first, blowjob or intercourse, whatever. Then 5 minutes later I’m ready to slam her like there’s no ‘coming’ in sight.

Take viagra/cialis
Take L-Arginine 5-10grams spread throughout the day on an empty stomach
Take Ginkgo Biloba 120-240mg a day (optional, but preferred)


Holly cow …so this is my problem …Damn …I have the same problem . How do I unblock my veins ? …. I couldn’t understand why my erections are weak … and why do I ejaculate so quickly. I hope there is a treatment for this .

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Originally Posted by Judicious

…It’s not psychological, trust me. I am a very anxious person by nature, and I’d NEVER had any problems with my penis before I screwed it up. After months of seeing no improvements, my depression has gotten to the point where I simply can’t stand it anymore. Please help me to understand what could be wrong and what I can do to fix it. I’m honestly running out of faith here.


Anxiety causes the body to release adrenaline (remember that whole fight or flight thing you learned about in school?). Adrenaline is a very potent vasoconstrictor which is exactly what you don’t want for a solid erection. From your posts you sound like performance anxiety abounds. If you can’t get your anxiety under control, a vasodilator might be in order. As suggested earlier Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra might help along those lines. I think the biggest concern needs to be the state of your mental health. Multiple suicide attempts screams that something much more than ED is going on. You need a shrink that will help you deal with whatever is really hurting you, and to work it out from that end. Good luck with both your mental and physical health.

Just my two cents but I agree with the posters that are recommending viagra. If you achieve a healthy erection with viagra then you will know that your penis is functioning and you will get some confidence and hopefully anxiety will subside. Stress is a vicious circle and while I don’t discount you could have a physical problem the fact u were so depressed, stressed and concerned you attempted suicide it would be no wonder you would be having serious erection problems. I personally have very big anxiety issues the first time I’ve with a woman. I thought I was over it completely but just this past weekend I was totally out of the action because I just could not maintain an erection. Then of course an hour after she had left I was hard as a rock even after cumming. Go figure. Try the Viagra and get those erections going to build your confidence. Then you can relax and know that in a pinch you can use the Viagra as a fallback to have good sex.

Good luck.

Yeah I also did what you did which probably has given me permanent damage. I also jelqed while I was fully erect because I didn’t exactly know when would it be to be semi-erect as I got erect really quickly. I did it for at least almost a year and now I think I have done permanent damage or at least I feel like it. I have a torn ligament from pulling too hard and I feel very slight pains in my testicle and what not I got checked and my testicle was fine. I’m in the same case as you, I am just as upset about it. I also tried doing as much as possible although I did give myself rest like 3 or 2 days a week I would do it. But I think the pulling is what damaged me. Now my penis is much more soft. There was a vein on the penis that was painful for a while although I don’t really know why right now I haven’t felt it, but it could come back. It is longer a bit but probably because of the torn ligament making it stick out more. While flaccid it does seem to be longer a bit. Girth a little difference. Overall. I wish I would have done it slowly and given myself even more rest and worked out the penis less hard with the jelq and pulls and whatever else. Or just not have done it at all but I guess what’s done is done. Hopefully it’ll repair. I really do hope.

Just an update: Nothing has changed. I haven’t touched it for awhile now and it’s not showing any signs whatsoever that it’s healing. I still don’t know exactly what the problem is, and it’s driving me nuts. I suppose it’s too early to start making assumptions, but, I don’t think my body can handle the damage.


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