Worried about possible nerve damage

I have only jelqed < 10 times in my life throughout several months this year and last. The first few times I didn’t like it because it seemed to make my penis longer but thinner(already had baseball bat penis which is why I jelqed in the first place).

I started to try uli’ing which was gripping hard at the very base of my penis, and kegel’ing to increase blood flow. I also started uli’ing while using the other hand to slowly jelq upwards. I saw good gains, and had a slight discomfort if any. When gripping my penis, the underside, has some vein or stringy part that seems to get sore. However, this very same vein/stringy thing seems to be what gives me girth gains as the next day that portion of my dick was getting thicker with erections, so I took it as a good sign. So 1 day of uli’ing and the next I noticed I didnt get morning wood. Penis was a bit sore still, but did the same exercise, and topped it off with some masturbation(heh). For the next week I noticed I didnt get morning wood, so I took that as a bad sign. However, I did definitely gain girth, as I used a measuring tape to prove it. I was satisfied, a little bit of discomfort for gains, but the gains were temporary. During this time, I noticed my penis glan was a bit rubbery and numb, particularly the left side. If I stroke my glans with my fingernail, the left side barely feels it unless I dig into it, where as the center head remains sensitive. The underside of my glans also seems a bit less sensitive. A BJ used to make me twitch and unable to sit still but now it just feels alright.

I stopped jelqing because I hoped it was similar to dry masturbation. If I masturbate everyday, its definitely less sensitive but if I stop for a week it becomes sensitive. Its been 3 months since I jelq and it feels pretty much the same :( . I wouldn’t even say I jelq hard, but maybe I just did it wrong? I have a good EQ strength, due to kegeling, and get morning wood all the time. Right now, I would say my penis is in a good state minus the loss of sensitivity in the left side of my glans. I am resuming my jelqing/kegel/ulis routine starting today because I want my girth gains back, but going to do it reduced and more casually. I forgot to mention that before when I was ul’ing and kegeling, my head was becoming very engorged. It looked somewhat dangerous but the color was alright, at one point it started to almost turn purple and thats where I cut myself off, I felt maybe the glans is gettting too much blood. I had no visible injury or discomfort other than no morning wood for that 1 week.

Today when I was kegel + uli’ing I noticed that in the left side of my glans a vein protruded, I have had this happen to my glans when masturbating too hard, it goes away once I am flaccid but looks a bit concerning. Imagine some people who have a vein pop up their forehead when they are angry, and a smaller scale of that on my glans. It doesnt hurt but doesnt look good.. Is it a bad sign? Or good since more blood flow? Any chance of nerve damage if my penis in general is good? Is the loss of sensitivity a sign I should stop? What in the world was that vein that popped up from time to time when masturbating and uli’ing ? Only happens when there is blood engorged in my glans.

I have read about thrombosed veins but it didnt look like that and it goes away when I am flaccid.. To be honest it looks like a thin parasitic worm in my glans. Like a really thin ramen noodle an inch long, it is always not a straight line iether so it looks very veiny.