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Wish I Never P.E'd

Wish I Never P.E'd

My duck *dick* was way better off before I started. It was pretty plump after a couple jelqing sessions, but knowing a guy with a lot of girth, I was way too compelled to increase my girth. I tried hanging with a makeshift “device”, stretching it, clamping, experimenting with cold and hot water, everything. I haven’t posted here in about a year because my dick seems a little bit less healthy, with a bit of hard flaccid, and I just don’t want to mess with it anymore. It’s still long enough to do some damage though, so there’s that. At this point I just want to fully restore it, as it seems I may have damaged the smaller veins a bit. I know you want more detail, but I can just tell it’s not at it’s peak anymore. I have just been focusing on my diet lately. I’m around 5 foot 10 and weigh 185. I don’t look fat at all but when you think about it, I could lose up to 40 whole pounds of fat. That’s what I’m working on, I think it might help to open up those small arteries and get more blood flow in there.

, But if any one has any ideas about my penis health, ways to heal veins that might’ve been damaged by hanging and stretching too much, or anything else, it would be appreciated.



Sorry to hear it, man. Depending on the extent of the damage, your best bet may be to just leave it rest - people can recover tissue damage from laceration, burns, abrasion (all for the most part) - some scarring is bound to stay, which is harder tissue, but you should be alright to get treatment for surface, visible tissue.

My best advice - see a doctor. There’s nothing to be ashamed of and I am certain that not all of your damage is permanent - unless you’ve been stretching it by being dragged around by a tractor or something.
Good luck

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Hey hidden. I’m sorry to hear all of that. I moved this thread to the injuries and treatments section. You’ll get plenty of views with that thread title but it’s more appropriate in this sub forum.

I think you should rest and not stress your penis at all. The only thing that I would do is encourage good blood flow to help the healing. You could do this with a warm washcloth or light fire goat rolls during the day. I don’t think you should stretch or stress it any further tho.

If you are that concerned bout it and you really think there is something wrong with it, please go see your doctor and have it looked at. My guess tho, overworked and tired dick that just needs some time to itself to rebound. If you damaged veins you would know it. Why do you say that by the way? You don’t mention how you came to that conclusion.

First thing, I feel sorry for what you said. I read some your posts so this is what I think:

1) Check with your doctor what’s wrong.

2) Take a long break from PE, 1 year would be good.

3) After the break, focus on technique and don’t be anxious about gaining. Think on PE about a healthy choice for your dick, not an obsession for gaining but damaging something.

4) Have a positive mindset and be consistent. Work first on some light jelqs and then move to the basic routine.

I’d say you wish you never had hanged

Originally Posted by FatMeat
I’d say you wish you never had hanged


What a bad remark!!


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