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will I be bruised forever?

will I be bruised forever?

On my penis I have a small circle around on the foreskin which is purple. It’s from hanging. I also have purple underneath the shaft, just under the foreskin. I stoppped hanging totally about a month to rid myslef of this problem, but it has yet to go away. No pain, just color.

Anybody think it will go away, or be permanent? If it’s permanent, I might as well go back to hanging… what’s the difference? If it will go away, I’d like to know when. I’ve used a BIB hanger for a while, lots of hours, ten or twelve pounds, and squeezed the foreskin maybe too much. I just assumed that when I stoped hanging it would heal. So far that does not seem to be the case.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


I have discoloration from ULI’s that have yet go away. Ive been on a break for about 3 weeks now. I also noticed that the skin that is discolored is also thicker and has a different and undesired feel to it (not pain, just different and more wrinkled, i guess, then the rest of the shaft).

I had this same problem when I stepped up from 7.5 lbs to 10 lbs on the bib. (Read cold/dark head in the hanger forum) I switched to 15 min sets 15 min breaks with some light manual clamps and light dry jelqs in between each and every set to get blood flowing back to my head. Most hangers including me do jelq/light clamping with hanging because it does beat up on your head it’s almost unavoidable. I hang 4 sets at a time to equal the same time. It takes longer but if you discolor and have to take a week or two off in the long run you will get more hanging. Try attaching the hanger up higher, different wrap more or wrap less wrap, tighter or looser wrap(I know not a word, more loose) different cloth under your wrap, shorter sets, heating pad after sets, lotion(vit. K cream cocoa butter etc…) My dark circle did go away after a while, 1-2 weeks. Bottom line do something different then what your doing because it isn’t working. Don’t just accept this tissue damage you are causing. Buy the Redi hanger, I don’t have it but most seem to like it better. Go less weight.

You won’t be bruised forever, but your cock will be discolored forever. If you stop all forms of PE the discoloring will eventually fade about 50-75%. This is based on my personal experience.


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

The skin of the penis is naturally darker than the rest of the body. It also seems to hold onto discoloration longer than most other places. I don’t know if the two things are related, but it does seem that many guys doing PE end up with some darkening of the penile skin. There are dozens of threads here about discoloration and some of the guys have offered their own remedies. You (luigsqueegie) might want to do a search for “remove discoloration” and read some of the threads that show on the search list. (The search button is at the top right of every page.)

Yea but I believe his problem stems from the way he is hanging or how much weight he is using. He is talking about purple skin that is a bruise and is damage from the hanger. If it were red skin or just dark skin it would be different. Alot of people do suffer from this. The real question is how bad is it? It seems bad enough to make him stop hanging completely. Try attaching the hanger higher up. And just readjust the whole entire process of hanging and come at it in another way. You will find the method that works best for you. Mainly cut your sets down to 15 min. 20 min is what bib recommends but I read alot of posts from guys saying that the extra five min on there sets just is to much for captain winky. Its funny cause I can even hang for an 18 min set but if I go to 20 min I get that circle darkness on my head. Hey if 15min still gives you a problem go 12 min. I have to take the wrap off after every set and manual clamp or dry jelq for 5 min. Thats the reason I gotta have 15 min break-to wait for most of the blood to exit the penis before I go again.

I agree about the hanging from higher points… it’s just that I stopped until the bruising goes away, which still has not happened, after a month. It’s crazy, I just hope it goes away, then I can start again, and be much more careful.

To say hanging beats up on the dick is the understatement of the year….

Oh yea. I think hanging might be the most attempted then quit workout there is. I bet quite a few guys hang but the damage or uncomfortable feeling they get from it is just to much. I learned how to deal with it through one clamping session after hanging, but I still get a mark on my head every once in a while. HANG TOUGH HANG STRONG HANG LONG. Well I’m glad that 7 inches for most women is enough. I’m at 7.5 x 5 and I’m going to hang up my hanger in about 6 months when I get to 8 any thing above 8 I think might be to much. Plus I really like a girth workout better. Hanging workout = watching sports-center/ never thinking about sex. Any hot chicks come on tv gotta change the channel(can’t get an erection while hanging). Clamping/Jelqing = watching porn putting lotion on your dick. Gee which one is more fun. Don’t know about pumping but Big Girtha says its really enjoyable.

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