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wierd bump

wierd bump

i got a wierd outbreak looking thing on the middle of my dick 1 inch up from base, it doesnt hurt or anything, and i hadnt fucked for long time. Im worried, maybe its just infected razorburn or something? Any way i can tell what it is???

a picture might help out a bit, hard to really tell if we can’t see it.

The reaper cannot claim you if the reaper cannot catch you.

Its been there for 4 days now. Sorry I cant exactly send a picture either, but all I know it only got worst when I first noticed it, at first it defintely looked like a little cut or a zit or sometihng. Im hoping its one of those zits that grows under the skin or something This is the first time Ive had something like this. I was reading about herpes but appearently herpes occur 2-20 days after contact. I havent made any ‘contact’ for like a year so… I dont know Im starting to shit myself. i dont know should i wait a couple days to see if it goes away?

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