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Wierd Bump in Pubic Region

Wierd Bump in Pubic Region

I just recently discovered a bump in my pubic region. Its the kind of bump that had a little bit of pus in it. When I squeezed it barely any came out but the bump just appeared out of nowhere. I know its a harmless bump but I wonder how do pus bumps form. It’s still kind of sensitive. Anybody else had this before.

Probably an ingrown hair. I have them from time to time. As the body tries to deal with the “foreign object” white blood cells are released to help break it down. Pus is dead white blood cells and tissue cells mixed.

I’d say Westla is correct. If you shave down there, it could easily have ingrown. (Of course, it can also become ingrown without shaving, plucking, waxing, etc.) Unfortunately, I have very sensitive skin and am very prone to ingrown hairs. If you gently exfoliate with a washcloth and an anti-bacterial soap or shower gel once per day (or after sweating a lot), you should be fine.

However, if the bump was very infected-looking, or hard underneath the skin, it could be an acne cyst or something else. If that is the case, and it keeps happening, I’d suggest you see a dermatologist.


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I popped it yesturday and all the pus came out. Its gone now you guys were right. I had shaved down there not too long ago.

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