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Who have varicocele?

Who have varicocele?

Hi guys

I just wonder if there are many of you on here have got the same condition as I have got. I have a problem with my scrotal as it get swelling on the right side than the left side. Sometimes it get swelling on both size. The swelling I got is mild and it make me feel not very comfortable, I do get discomfort sometimes. I can’t be able to cum as much as I used to and I’m suffered with erectile dysfunction. I think it is related to this condition called varicocele. I want to see if you have the same problem as I have got.

Please see the attached pictures.

I have this problem for 2 years now and I want to get it sort it out asap before I will see my doctor on 17th July of this month. I want to see if you have the same as mine and I will let my doctor to know if the results show all clear. That would help me out alot which he could refer me to see the urologist. If you don’t help me out I will get stuck.

Do you have the same size or the similar size as mine when yours get swelling?

When you lay down, did your swelling goes away?

And did it reduce your semen as you used to have and did you suffered with ED ?

If so, please let me know as it is important so I will let my doctor to know.

Thanks in advance.

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From What I Saw You Look OK

From the pictures it looks like you don’t have that bad of varicocele. It is easiest to tell when the scrotum is looser, try posting some pictures after a long hot shower.

Your’s looks much better than mine. My left side is about 3-4x the side of my right. It is not as painful as much as it is over sensitive.

It has caused me low t, though.

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It’s hard to tell, but I guess your scrotum does look a bit swollen.

I’m not really sure if what I have can be classed as Varicocele, but basically I have spider veins on my scrotum because of regularly wearing a cock ring around the balls and penis.

Sometimes they look really bad and ugly, like when the scrotum is loose, but then other times like when the skin is more tight, you can hardly tell that they’re there and the scrotum looks really healthy.

There’s no swelling, and semen hasn’t been reduced.

I got it because I was too small when I started using the Penomet pump and the right side got sucked in and expanded. It isn’t painful doesn’t seem to bother anything and it seems permanent but who cares my dick’s bigger.

I went to the doctor for testicle pain, likely caused by PE. (Of course I did not mention PE) It only aches when I do hard workouts, doctor said it was fine and would go away on its own. I have a un proportionately large ball bag and the varicocel is on the left testicle, swimming around in that huge bag. A cute girl used a ultra sound machine to scan around. Thats pretty much it.

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