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White Spots from pumping? Advice please!

Fluid build up too often white spots ?

Hi guys,

Haven’t posted much on this forum so far, so I can’t start my own thread.
I’ve tried different things in PE. Recently, I tried pumping, and I think I might have gone too far. I got used to have fluid build up pretty much every session, so I didn’t really mind. But then, I started to get quite a lot of white spots, on the skin where the fluid build ups happened.
Now it’s been 2 months and it’s still there. I might have a little less spots, but there are still quite a lot. I can feel them when I touch that area with my finger, like mini-bumps.
Anyone know how to address this problem ?
I’m trying to attach a picture to show you.

Thanks in advance!

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Is it possible to move my reply to the appropriate thread please ? As I said, I can’t post on my own for now.


Originally Posted by weezerd

Is it possible to move my reply to the appropriate thread please ? As I said, I can’t post on my own for now.


I’ve started you a new thread. I’m not quite sure what is going on there; it looks like irritated follicles, but it may be worth having a doctor look at it.

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Have you used any lube or lotion that you may be having a reaction to?

It looks creepy enough to consider a doctor visit.

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No it’s not any kind of allergic reaction or anything. I’ve had that kind of thing in the past, but it disappeared much quicker. I’m 90% sure it’s only because of regular fluid build-up at the same spot. I’ve had that with a bib, but to a lesser extent.

But this time it looks like it’s taking much longer to heal/return to normal, so I was wondering if there was a way to speed things up.


To me it looks like you just over did it. I’d wait it out, and next time when you’re pumping don’t exceed 5hg. But you say it’s been here 2 months, are you sure it’s not a STD or anything?

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looks like the kind of scarring you get with stretch marks, could try some vitamin E or bio oil.

If in doubt though see a Doc.

Could be an irritated or trapped nerve a little higher up, when I broke some cartiliage in my hip(causing some nerve impingment in my ass/groin/lower ab) I noticed a white spot a few weeks later after having a toss, though they could be seperate injuries I don’t recall hurting my dick in any way. I’m still in the dark with my case but best of luck man

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Thanks for your inputs guys, that’s really appreciated.
I don’t think it can be and STD, because :
1. I haven’t exposed myself much to STD contamination risks in the past years, and
2. I don’t see what STD it could be. It’s not painful, it doesn’t swell, nothing leaks of it. It’s just there, doing nothing but being ugly.

I did try some Bio Oil for a while. It might have been what caused some white spot to slightly disappear, but I’m not sure at all.
I really thought that more guys would have had that to be honest heh


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