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Where's the 'ouch"?

Where's the 'ouch"?

Did you ever hurt yourself? I mean really give yourself a good hurting? Hey we all did. What exactly did you say when your toe hit the leg of chair or you rapped your elbow on the corner of a coffee table? I don’t know about you guys but I didn’t say ouch. I usually screamed and let out some very cool combination of curses. Why? Because it hurt that’s why!

The reason we scream is because when we injure ourselves the body wants to tell us we did something stupid and unleashes this thing called pain. That let’s you know you have done something to hurt yourself. You have an injury.

Have you ever had an injury without pain? Think about it. Broken arm, pulled hamstring; they all hurt don’t they? And they hurt for a long time. The body leaves that pain thing around to remind us not to use that part until it’s healed. Now remember pain is different than soreness. Soreness, well it can hurt but it’s not pain.Pain stops you cold; soreness let’s you continue until you’re really stupid and injure yourself. So if you can tell me an injury you had that didn’t have immediate pain that made you say a bad word, not soreness. Soreness is not an injury; it’s just over use. Tell me an injury that you have had that didn’t hurt until the next day. I would be interested to see what it was.

Now what about jelqing injuries. Sure are a lot around here. Oh every once in a while if you read them some guy might say he did this and felt a sharp pain. Pain; the bodies way of saying you’re injured and you have to stop what you’re doing. If you don’t stop well you deserve what you get because you were stupid. I bet you he either said ouch of thought of it.

Now most of the jelqing injuries don’t say that do they? They say they did something and the next day….! Hmm the next day? Did they ever say ouch that hurts? If they did something so bad, so permanent where was the ouch moment, where was the pain? Oh the next day it felt this of that or there was a lump. Oh the lump thing. If I belt you if I hit you in the arm you will say ouch; oh yes you will. The next day you may have a lump or even a hemangioma but you would say ouch; you would recognize the time of the injury.

So what do you make of these next day permanent injuries? Are they really permanent? Did they say ouch? Do you think they might be a bit sore and then get a bit anxious? Oh they have nerve damage? Do you guys really know how hard it is to injure a nerve? Oh they had a red spot or a dark spot? Probably they do but I bet you it’s been there forever and they just never looked.

I think that maybe there are about 5% of true injuries out there and for those guys I do feel bad. I do believe that the other 95% are yes an injury but a small one, a one that will heal with rest but greatly magnified but anxiety and emotion. What are you thoughts?

I would agree with you that about 95% of all PE injuries are a result of going overboard and most of the time you don’t realize you do have an injury until you stop your routine and see red spots or bruising or have lost EQ. The good thing is that these 95% almost always heal by taking a short break and learning from your mistake so the next time you exercise some moderation.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

A bruise, petchia, is not really an injury is it? It’s soft tissue and will easily heal. Loss of EQ is not really an injury; simply fatigue unless you did something and say that f—king hurt. That’s an injury and yes that can, but not often be permanent!

In my book a bruise is an injury. I seems to me your entire cock is soft tissue.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.


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