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When my erection subsides, the left chamber empties quicker than the left

When my erection subsides, the left chamber empties quicker than the left

Does anyone else’s penis do this? Lets say I get a full erection. If I let it deflate, the right side will stay harder than the left, and this causes it to curve to the left a bit. I also seem to feel an empty patch on the left chamber sometimes. My erection is full, it is straight, only upon deflation does it “vent” improper in my mind. I also notice a more prominent vein on the right side, than the left side..

Anyone with anything similar please comment.

I’ve never paid attention to how I go flaccid. Everyone is different. I’m sure you can ignore this and not add it to your list of penis concerns.

Have you got a curve in your penis during normal erection? If that’s the case it probably has got something to do with a higher pressure in the left chamber over the right chamber.

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Penile curves may also be due to areas of the tunica that are different than the rest. There might be a thickening, a patch of calcification, a scar, or any number of other things that cause the tunica to “kink” or be tight in a certain area, thus causing the curve. Most of these things are not changeable. It’s difficult for anyone to “fix” a curve. But that’s not the “problem” here. I think this situation can be ignored since at full erection there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong.

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