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WHats up

WHats up

Whats up guys. After too dr visits and one more next week I think I am slowly healing although I still don’t feel as good as I did before my injury. It’s been over a month with no pe and hot baths and just taking it easy and my erections have imnproved but they are not as rock hard or as spontaneous as they we’re before my injury. The dr. Examined me and has said I have no major injuries but he is willing to keep checking up on me too see my progress. Well I was wondering If I should start back pe again or if it would be wise to wait a lil longer. As far as stretching I am kicking myself for not saving a post I saw a while back. It was a pic of someone doing a stretch with two hand one grip at the base and one grip towards the head. The stretch was also between the legs pulling towards the butt. I wanted to try that technique but I don’t know who posted it. Do you think I should start up again and should my routine even be about half the newbie routine starting out?

Marcus j,

Sorry to hear about your injury. I would wait a month or two before starting PE again. And even then, slowly rebuild your routine. Good luck.

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It’s good to hear you again Marcus, at least you are slowly healing, that are good news bro.

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Thanks guys, any idea if I should start pe up slowly again or would it be wise to wait another month?

I’d say just wait a little bit longer, if you’re slowly improving, why mess you dick up for life, you got plenty of time to make it bigger.

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Hi Marcus, good to hear you’re still around. I would wait another month or until things come back all the way, or real close to it. You are not really healed totally until then (just my opinion but anyway) and you would just be aggravating it. Re-evaluate what you were doing in the meantime. You don’t want to go through this again. I wouldn’t. Seriously look at what you were doing and never go at it that rough again, it was too much whatever it was. I’ve been finding out recently that going at it more gently, actually works better.

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Don’t be in a hurry. Personally I would wait until I was 100% again. You risk reinjuring yourself if you come back before you are fully healed.

Thanks guys, see thats the thing I might be 100% already but my head might still be thinkin I am not. I am going to wait it out a little longer join the gym again and then start into it slowly. See I think pe was part of the reason I was feeling alot better and my erections we’re stronger to begin with than befoe I started pe. So I will give it a little more time and then try to find that stretching technique I saw and jelq very lightly.


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