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What's the WORST that could happen?

What's the WORST that could happen?

I made the horrific mistake of doing jelqing while erect last fall. It started out at 50% and then it felt great so I kept jelqing with a full one despite being rock solid. I even did kegels while erect jelqing because it felt good.


Guys, please learn from my mistake. The last 8 months have been pure hell. I’ve had very few morning woodies. I’ve lost BOTH size, girth, head size and load size. I’ve gotten gray hairs worrying about my once raging dick. I’m only 21. My sex drive has been 0 and my confidence is kaput. I hate waking up every day without a boner.

I kid you not.

Trying to at least feel normal, I’d jerk off just to feel normal again, but it wouldn’t feel like before.

I’ve gone a whole week without masturbating, but still no morning woodies and no sex drive. I think it’s both mental and physical.

My dick is smaller in both length and girth and it feels way too stiff in its resting state and too flaccid at other times. The sponginess is very confusing.

The question is, do I abstain completely for a whole month and wait for something to “heal”? Or do I need to get over this mental thing where I’m paranoid. I keep seeing my dick smaller than it once was and it scares the shit out of me.

If anything:

1) what is the worst possible damage I could have done? be brutally honest
2) What do I do?

You lost “BOTH size, girth, head size and load size” from erect jelg’s?

Never heard that one..

I never get full morning wood..ever

mgoblow… I had the same problem. I figured erect jelqs would give me better gains by stretching the tunica while at maximum capacity. I was incredibly wrong as well. I went through 6 months of thinking I had ED, performance anxiety, no morning wood, etc. I can’t tell you what damage you might have done, but I can tell you what worked for me.

Don’t panic, because that caused me all sorts of problems. Just take like 2 weeks off of PE, except for kegels. Do lots and lots of kegels! This is what, in my opinion, helped me. I took a break from PE, except for kegels, then started back up with jelqing at 50% erection. Now after a couple of months of the routine I’ve gained .5 in girth and length! And as a mega added bonus I now have so many erections I don’t know what to do with them all :) And I used to have morning wood every once in a while, but now it’s a constant thing.

So relax, take it easy, and good luck! Best of wishes. I think you’ll be fine.



I am in a similar situation. Can you be a bit more specific about your process?

Did you PE for the 6 months where you had problems?

When did you rest for the 2 weeks?

At what point did you re-start your jelqing at 50% erection
and from that point how long t’ill you had lots of woodys
as you said.



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