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what recommendations for someone that has had unsuccessful surgery!

what recommendations for someone that has had unsuccessful surgery!

I have tried every thing to enlarge my penis! I have used a pump, taken pills and even had surgery - BUT NO GAINS!!

What advice can you give????

I did jelq for a few months and noticed a small increase which disappeared within a day of stopping ( after 6 weeks of jelqing)

I’ve just ordered a Bib hanger. I’ve been reading that hanging is the way to gain length the quickest. We’ll see…

Hi dalian nice to meet you,

Sorry to hear you’ve had a bad time with surgery.

What kind of surgery did you have and what was the after surgery program? Has the surgery caused any other problems like ED?

It would probably be easier others to comment if you can add as much detail as possible.

The techniques covered here require a long time commitment. Getting any gains from 6 weeks jelqing is good, they will disappear if you don’t cement them. Commit to a one year program now and look back a year from now, happier.

Thanks for the replies.

As you have read i have had some nasty experiences of PE. I am now looking for perminent gains.
My surgeon has not given me any exercises for post-op, just to pull it 10-12 times a day. This doesn’t seem to have worked as i started with a 6 inch penis and now have 5.5 inchs (As sometimes happens with surgery!).
I have read a lot of the threads on this site and have been impressed by most of the gains achieved and hope i can achieve similar results.
At present I feel it imposible for me to achieve gains as i have already tried so much!
If someone could help me develop a routine that would kick start me on the road to gains, I would be forever greatful!

PS I am looking into the bib hanger


Under the circumstances, I suggest you hang. Order a Bib Starter and read all you can about hanging. Until you acquire a hanger, you might try some JAI manual stretches, jelqing and kegels. See luvdadus’ sample newbie routine. Start easy, and as memento wrote, make a long-term commitment to PE. It works, but not overnight.

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