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What no guy wants to see.

What no guy wants to see.

To start.I tried posting this in Injuries / Treatments but I guess I don’t have enough posts just yet.

My story.Probably only 5-10 min ago, during my routine for PE( I use a stretching device as part of it) I normally will stop for a break of stretching and achieve an erection to supply lots of fresh blood. This time I was quite impressed for how hard it was and just looked bigger. And it must have been.

I’m not sure what it’s called, but the skin below the glans (uncircumcised) attached to the shaft. Freaking RIPPED half way through .one second I was like wow feeling all good and was about to let it calm down and go back to stretching to the next second saying OUCH.and seeing a lot of blood. Currently it doesn’t hurt at all.but I’m worried what the next hard on will feel like.

I’m considering going to the Doctor to see if I can have just that much as I never want a knife near my wang. I’ve felt this becoming a problem ever since I started PE.

I don’t want to get fully cut. Just that stupid piece of crap skin that often causes more pain than pleasure during an erection

Has anyone heard of doing this?

Yes, you need a simple frenulotomy or a frenuloplasty (better)

Look at Been stretching frenulum for past week

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Many years ago an ex girlfriend was very drunk and got carried away in the shower when wanking me and ripped me in the same spot as you. It hurt and bled like hell. I got it checked out at a hospital A&E (ER in USA) next day and the doctor said leave it alone and it will heal pretty quick. He was right. The pain and bleeding was due to the area being highly vascular. My GP strongly advised me against having a circumcision or any other cutting in that area. Your immediate problem will go away if you leave it alone (NO PE!), but you will need to see your GP about whether or not the tightness needs some procedure to ease it.

It happens to allot of guys.mine ripped when I was 13 just due to a hard on.It just needs to happen on some guys.uncut guys that is I mean.



Well everything is fine so far. No pain with later erections.but it pretty much bleed all day. I figured going to the bathroom would hurt but I never even noticed.all is good,ill just need to take a break from PE for a couple days.


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