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what is a lig pop

what is a lig pop

I’ve been PEing for over a year now and have yet to see gains. Well during my last stretch session I was rather frustrated so I pulled as fucking hard as I could and heard a lig pop. I’ve read about pops before and was concerned it would hurt, but it wasn’t painful. It just sounds like someone cracking their knuckles. Right now I’m kind of scared to start PEing. Does anyone have a theory on what a lig pop is? Also, for those who have experienced this, will it keep happening?

Hi, I just did a search on “lig pop”. To many good threads to list them all; but, at 1.75 pages, a manageable number to check out. The first time I had one I freaked out. I had read about them, but it felt so weird to have one happen I thought I’d broke my dick. I have had them a few times, always from streatching, never hanging (that’s just me). Each time I have been afraid to stretch hard afterwards.

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