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What exactly is this A Popped blood vessel perhaps

What exactly is this A Popped blood vessel perhaps

Anyone know what this is? I went up a tad too fast with fulcrum hanging.

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Popped blood vessel almost sure, the bruise is the blood that leaked and is trying to coagulate that’s why is so dark, this is some dangerous shit you should go see a doctor so they can heal it proper otherwise it can stay like this for years

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Ahah, OKAY anyone else have any advice? It’s not that big a deal and doesn’t even hurt I ever hung again last night with less weight obviously.

For me, I got them 4 times actually. From clamping.
It goes away on its own. Just do less intense PE, kegel more than normal, massage, warm up/down longer and lightly jelq with kegels at end of motion right before the head.
That’s what worked for me. It goes away within a week.

Oh, yeah, doing firegoat rolls helped. :)

Good luck.

I would suggest throwing in an extra day of resting.

I just got one 5 minutes ago while hanging OS for my first time. it was my third 15min set and I start to see it get dark as if I broke a vessel. Sure enough looks just like yours. Mine is on the side but right behind the head. I stopped immediately and preformed a warm wrap massage for about 5 min. Its not big, about the size of a m&m.

Will It permanently effect EQ or cause any deformation? I hate to see a blood vessel break on me. I love my veins and want more and bigger ones. Not to lose one!

Should I wait until its gone before starting again?

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Mine went away really quick it should be fine.

They do go away really quick. I used to get them clamping, but then again I had 4 clamps on.

What was the reason for using four?

Originally Posted by ironaddict69

What was the reason for using four?

It made my glands gain although I didn’t need it. Also it made me gain in length as well. If you are not conditioned don’t even try it.

I don’t think you know who you’re talking to with this conditioned thing. How long would you leave them on the typical 10 minutes?

Originally Posted by ironaddict69

I don’t think you know who you’re talking to with this conditioned thing. How long would you leave them on the typical 10 minutes?

I know exactly who I am Posting to and I know you have been conditioned for years. Understand I was not posting to you but to the newbies. 15 minutes. C’mon ironaddict69 you have been here long enough and bring a lot of knowledge, I know exactly who you are, in fact, why are you not a Mod.

Yes LOL I am OVER conditioned if anything, it truly is a curse. I have to do the most extreme stuff to even gain a fraction of an inch nowadays.

Thank you for saying I bring a lot of knowledge, I did not know I was very well known, with that said, I do not feel that I am that much more productive or informative than the average well informed poster here. Some of the guys here are truly incredible with their ability to science this odd thing we all do, but thank you, and I appreciate the PM. I agree things like that should be said privately, or some idiot might think he needs “x amount of clamps” before he even does the newbie routine.

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