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What about injuries?


What about injuries?

Seems there are many injuries around these parts. Guys not reading, not asking questions, making up their own stuff and then oops I’m injured. Okay you screwed up. Shit happens. Hey can I say shit here?

Sad part is once a guy gets injured that when the trouble around here really starts.You got these other injured guys who love to run around and usually make something out of nothing. Why? I really don’t know but misery does love company. They’ll fight with anybody who tries to give bad advice like rest and don’t get mentally stupid. Never sounded like bad advice to me considering the vast majority of injuries are minor and will heal. What do these guys want? Damned if I know. Do they want the whole forum to come to the guys aid like we’re children and commiserate with the newly injured guy? Well that will sure heal the guy in a second won’t it?

Bottom line; injuries happen. There are 2 types and 2 types only. Those that will heal , which is the vast majority, and those that won’t.

Now what’s the treatment for both? Rest and don’t go nuts. There is no other treatment unless you know something I don’t. No herbs, no anti-inflammatory nothing will make you heal or not. It all depends on the extent of the injury doesn’t it?

My advice to you guys that get injured?Rest and don’t go nuts. While you’re resting read the things you should have read that would have prevented you from getting injured. When those certain group of guys show up and tell you that you can have this or that and get you nuts by suggesting stupid things sign off and go have a beer. Or you can ask them if they have a cure other than rest. If they don’t pay them no attention because that’s what they want.

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I could do this all day but now i am bored. These guys did in fact not come back and said rest would have helped. No there was nur curing after time. Even your moderators and donators could not calm them down

Quote What do these guys want? Damned if I know.
Quote If they don’t pay them no attention because that’s what they want.

you make it sound like we are having fun. ooooh its soo fun, to go to the Spamwebsites #1 (pe- was spam#1 over yeears) and post there in forums, where are people that talk 24/7 about penis. no we are not having fun.

like i said, i am right now working on a website with the nice support of the professor. you can post there if you want and write that there is no need going to a dr. and just rest and heal (like it worked great before…..)

ps.: there are many permanent (many many) on this website. just search for it people ;) so you are informt about this “you-screwed-up” because one wrong stroke in pe and you are screwed up for life….. lose your wife… your gf…. and you will have a lot of shame . “what you fell for that spam #1”

Originally Posted by sozpot

like i said, i am right now working on a website with the nice support of the professor. you can post there if you want and write that there is no need going to a dr. and just rest and heal (like it worked great before…..)

Wish you all success with the website.

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Why are you making a thread about this?

I hope you never have to deal with a real injury, I’m sure your views would change then. It’s ok to encourage people to do these exercises but not ok to help people out when they have real problems.

And what help have you not been given?

Originally Posted by Martinhuk
Why are you making a thread about this?

I hope you never have to deal with a real injury, I’m sure your views would change then. It’s ok to encourage people to do these exercises but not ok to help people out when they have real problems.

True.. These guys on here.

Originally Posted by Martinhuk
Why are you making a thread about this?

I hope you never have to deal with a real injury, I’m sure your views would change then. It’s ok to encourage people to do these exercises but not ok to help people out when they have real problems.

I don’t seen anyone encouraging guys to do exercises. I see guys explaining the right way to do them. I don’t think this place recruits guys to come. I think they come here of their own free will.

Originally Posted by Jimmybob55
And what help have you not been given?

Your advice, is pretty useless to be honest man.

I’d rather you didn’t comment at all in my thread because:

A) you probably have never had a real injury to worry about
B) you seem to criticise anyone who talks about an injury like they don’t exist

What is the point in trying to convince people there is no chance of a permanent injury? I’m sure people know the risks by now..
Lets just hope you don’t find yourself in this situation.

You are funny. At what point, if you can find a post, that said I don’t think a person can have a permanent injury? Oh a permanent injury is very hard and unlikely but it can happen. So are you telling us now that your injury is permanent? If you believe that then why are you here? And exactly what basis would you determine that? What medical tests have lead you to believe that? Psyogenic injuries very often are permanent because that comes from the brain but it is rare to do so much damage to your penis that it is permanently broken. Oh it does happen but rare. So you try and answer the question which I know you won’t. What have you done to get all the help you need on your injury? I know you went t the doctor and you’ve been waiting 7 months to see a urologist which I know is not true. I think another poster said it best on your other thread; 7 months? people in Africa don’t wait 7 months.

Oh by the way you don’t want me to comment on your thread? Well this ones mine. Actually all threads belong to all members and as far I I know I haven’t been thrown out yet but hey that could change huh?

I’m also baffled by all these so called injury threads, that are not injuries at all.

I have to agree that it’s nearly impossible to permanently injure your penis by jelqing or stretching. I even think it’s nearly impossible with far more extreme methods of PE.

Basically the penis shaft and erectile machinery are extremely resilient organs. Anything we do to them short of actually rupturing the tunica, or completely cutting off circulation for long periods of time - will heal up within a few weeks.

As JB said, those are both very difficult to do. You have to actually be trying to destroy your penis to do either of them.

Even nerve damage will heal up within a few months. Permanent nerve damage, which requires completely severing the nerve, is not possible from PE.

I’m not saying all these threads about “I did five jelqs and my penis no longer works” aren’t real situations to those going through them. It’s just that PE is most definitely not the cause of their problems. Physically, that is just not how the anatomy of the penis works. It’s complete and utter nonsense. It’s like saying I bruised my hand and my fingers no longer work.

If you go the urologist, they will make sure you don’t have prostate cancer or kidney stones, and hurry you out of their office, because they are dealing with people who do have real problems like cancer. Of course it can’t hurt to rule that out.

But if your primary symptoms are: my EQ is low and my dick seems smaller… what are you really expecting a doctor to do? What are you expecting a PE board to do?

Seriously. Relax. EQ does decline with age. Do some edging. Do kegels. Even do PE. Check your diet. Check your cardiovascular health. Stop worrying about it and making a big mental complex out of nothing. It wasn’t those five jelqs you did.

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Most of the injures are minor and do heal. The problem is the mind. No one, and I mean no one, looks and examines their penis on a daily basis. In fact most don’t even look except for when they’re using it and they don’t look that long. Then they have an injury. Now they look and they see this line or feel that bump or those vein; all that was there before but they never even noticed it but now it must be the sign on an injury. Then they mentally freak out which is very hard to cure.

I have spoken to many women in regard to breast cancer. I have told them that they must do a real thorough exam at least once a week. They must really get into the breast and feel and palpate to see if anything is there. I tell them if they don’t know what the normal feels like they will never know what the abnormal feels like. Same as a penis.

Sort things out or fail

Great input here, can’t stop me to throw in some thoughts from my point of view.

What baffles me most is the non-systematic way some guys approach PE. In my humble view the biggies are:

- No detailed logbook. If anything bad happens, there is no trace to the source, just a wild guessing and then insisting to whatever reason comes first to the mind.

- Wild changes in method, frequency, intensity and duration. I well know there is the theory about systematically “confusing” the dick and I think it has some justification. But newbies, and we usually talk about requests from newbies, often change too much too fast.

- Measuring craze. Hey my dick has 0.01” less girth than yesterday, therefore all I did was wrong and I have to do everything differently from now on! Come on, the dick is not a bamboo which grows inches per day. A change in erection level in the range of 5 to 10% is absolutely normal and leads to different results. Measure less often, but try to develop a method giving constant results (like measuring flaccid only after a warm-up of 5 mins at exactly 106 degrees Fahrenheit or measuring erect girth at felt 100% erection which then is well clamped etc etc). Stick to it and measure on your monthly or longer (but not shorter) rhythm.

- The deep belief that advanced exercises are the “real stuff”. If I can achieve a solid growth over a long time just by stretching and jelqing 10 mins per day 5 times a week, why should I leave the sweet zone of permanent growth? But again, by not keeping a solid logbook I can’t even identify that zone.

So after all, we are all beginners, some of us more experienced, others less, but still all are beginners. This is no codified science (yet), this is a group of humans experimenting with various techniques in body modification. So let’s put some systematic in it, otherwise it’s hard to share and compare experiences.

Not just my usual 2 cents, but a cry from a soul who likes when good things are done well.


Modified forum rule #69: Your avatar must show a JUICY ass, may it be female, male, mermaid, even sheep or horses are accepted. :-)

My logbook: Richard65 - the roadbook

“I have to agree that it’s nearly impossible to permanently injure your penis by jelqing or stretching. I even think it’s nearly impossible with far more extreme methods of PE.”

This is the kind of stuff that concerns me since this is a really dangerous statement. Someone might read something like this and figure it’s OK if they end up being erect for some of their jelqs throughout their routine, and then end up with a permanent injury. The person who made this statement can then pretend that the person’s injury is a permanent brain injury or whatever that has caused a sharp decline in their EQ, sexual pleasure, etc. 24/7 for many years, and more people can continue to get injured from statements like this who will then also be ignored. Injuries and safety should be taken seriously and it’s a good thing that there are people around who do.

I’d be more concerned about people NOT trying out erect jelqing. It’s great. Nothing bad happens afterward, that’s a myth. The only thing that happens is your dick grows bigger.

Now if you do erect jelqing beyond the point of your conditioning, or beyond when you’re getting a signal to stop for the day - sure you might end up with an “injury.” Say some blood spots or raw skin, or temporarily lower EQ, or a minor ache/pain for a few days. But it’s most definitely not permanent.

Throughout the last 5 years I’ve tried out many forms of PE that will supposedly cause me an injury. And none of them have. I’ve hit a bump in the road here and there. But anything I’ve run into has been fine within a few days.

I’m not saying conditioning and technique don’t matter. They absolutely do. I couldn’t do the stuff I do today when I was a newbie. You have to increase intensity one step at a time. Everyone has to respect their current level of conditioning. But even if you overstep your boundaries, it’s not permanent.

There are a thousand ways to pull and squeeze a dick. Injuries are not caused by these various methods. They’re simply different ways to apply force on a penis.

It’s like saying leg lifts are a safe way to work out your quads, but barbell squats will cause you an injury. It’s ridiculous. Yeah, putting 500 pounds on the bar your first day at the gym will cause you an injury. But squats, in and of themselves, do not cause injury. Neither does any specific form of PE.

You can pump to full vacuum. You can put 8 cable clamps on your dick as tight as you can. You can crush you dick in a bench vise, or use a rolling pin on it. You could get erect and whack it with a stick. You can hang hundreds of pounds from it with the right technique. You can clamp and pump at the same time. It’s one tough cookie.

Provided you try out all these things in a graduated manner, learn the technique along the way, and listen to your dick on when to stop for the day, or when you need a longer break… nothing bad happens to it.

There are very few types of permanent injury that I can think of. One is actually rupturing the tunica, as in literally cutting open your penis and the tough tissue that makes it up. Another would be completely severing a nerve, also requiring actually cutting through the penis. The other would be cutting off circulation for long periods of time.

Nerve damage can take a few months to recover from. That is 1st or 2nd degree nerve damage by the way. Because completely severing the nerve is not possible from PE, and if done, would cause complete and irreversible numbness distal to the neurotmesis. I’ve never heard about this injury from PE. It can technically happen without actually cutting into the body. For example, in a dislocated shoulder or hip that is ripped so forcefully and causes such a large displacement within the body that the nerve is ripped apart. So if you actually ripped your dick off, you could sever a nerve. Short of that, it’s not permanent.

The penis shaft has no bones, no joints. It’s a bunch of collagen, blood vessels, spongy tissue made up of smooth muscle and more collagen, a nerve bundle, and a urethra. All of these things heal, within a few weeks, provided they aren’t completely ripped apart. And no matter how intense a force I’ve applied, nothing has ripped mine apart.

I’m not recommending newbies go out and do the most intense form of PE possible. I am recommending that they try out anything they want to in a graduated manner, and that they can do so without fear, because the penis will heal if they do happen to screw up. And they’ll learn a lesson on technique along the way. And will some day be an expert in all the various PE methods they choose to.

You can injure yourself every time you get out of bed. Maybe you should just never wake up. You’ll be completely safe. Or, you could get up and do anything you ever dreamed of, risking injury every step of the way, but knowing you will heal and continue onward anyway.

So believe whatever you want. A bunch of people who say this or that technique will cause an injury, and all never try it out, but remind each other how un-injured they all are. It’s fine. I drank the coolaid when I was a newbie too, spouting mainstream advice about a bunch of stuff I had zero experience with. Or you can believe the guys who actually tried it and didn’t get injured. It’s up to you.

You can believe that doing some jelqs for a few months, essentially giving your dick a strong massage, caused permanent damage to your erectile capabilities, and wallow in despair with no solution for as many years as you want. Or you can study up on your anatomy, conclude that absolutely zero permanent physical damage was done - and that there is some other reason for your predicament, and go deal with that reason.

Spreading fear, now that’s dangerous.

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