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Visiting a urologist


Visiting a urologist

I need to visit a urologist. I went way overboard with 100% erect jelqs as a newbie because it felt so good. I am the stupidest person in the world. Anyway, my dick is basically in hibernation and doesn’t even feel good when aroused (when I force an erection with porn). Its shriveled and hard and too spongy at times. My ? is…

1) How should I pick one who might be familiar with PE?
2) Is he going to tell me to just rest? What benefit will he provide?
3) I live in the Northwest Indiana/Chicago area? Anyone good offhand?
4) How likely is permanent damage?

Thanks all!

The doc doesn’t have to be specifically familiar with PE. It’s a trauma. You might have to explain him/her what you did exactly. Just make sure you tell him/her what cased the problem, the mechanics of it. They have all kinds of diagnostic tools to figure out what’s wrong.

If I were you, I wouldn’t touch it for a week, maybe wear a jockstrap (you can get it in walmart) and see what happens. Chances are it will recover. However, if you feel it’s bad and it bothers you, go seek medical help.


I agree with sparky 100%. If you feel you’re injured seek medical attention. However, I feel pretty certain you can’t really do permanent damage with manual PE. Probably just leaving it alone for a while will take care of the trauma. Because it is our favorite body part, we tend to think the penis is less resilient than it really is. Now if you were abusing it with the SJ, that’s a different story. You can do some damage with that device. It puts a lot of pressure on the dorsal vein and nerve bundle.

One thing for sure, PEers of all people should never be coy with their urologists. Discribe excatly how you sustained the injury, show the device if you have to. My urologist is a female, and I tell her everything.

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No Nukes

I wonder what a urologist thinks when she see’s a big one. She probably sees them all the time, as well as small ones.

I wonder if a female urologist every says, “wow, I would love to suck that or fuck it” ?? Never know.

Sorry, not trying to thread hijack.

Maybe we should start a thread on this, I have stories. Sorry, mgloblow, not to belittle your concerns. Before this thread takes a turn toward perverted doctor tales, I’ll try to put it back on topic by asking, were your injuries sustained by manual erect jelqs alone or did they come about from the use of some device.

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It came about through manual erect jelqs. This happened back in October, I had no libido and no sex drive because of the injury and it felt so weird and unnatural I would masturbate so I wouldn’t feel so depressed. Very stupid, I know, but that’s what I did.

Is there anything a urologist could do to help me other than tell me to rest it and take the L-arginine for blood flow?

I’ve lost length and girth and the shape is no longer perfectly cylindrical. Will they just tell me to rest it?

I think honestly you should take the next month off from anything PE related. Rest the guy. If you feel seeing a urologist would help, then do so, but I think rest is in your best interest. Maybe even try Gingo Biloba, I hear it increases blood flow.

This happened 10 months ago?!? Rest absolutely!

I really, really, really, hate to say this (and I’m not a urologist), but I would think that by now, 10 or 11 months later, the damage is either healed or it’s sclerosed, fibrosed, ugly, and permanent. If it’s healed, then the problem is probably mostly in your head. As we all know, that can be a very real possibility when it comes to erectile problems. Do you get nocturnal erections?


When I wake up after about a few seconds I start to get hard, however, isn’t this just urine related? I can get hard ons if I try, but they aren’t as full and strong as normal. There aren’t any spontaneous erections. When I feel something stirring in my pants, it’s usually very very weak and not able to tent the pants at all.


You are what we call in PE “fatigued.” Go do something else for several weeks and forget PE. If not injured, and it does not sound injured, it will come back on its own.

Fatigue is common and it seems worse than it is. Leave it alone and you should be fine. You can still go to a urologist but many will ridicule you for PE. Shriveling and being smallish and having no response happens to every single PEer, not once but many times.

Just rest and enjoy the life God gave you.

Hey mgoblow55555,
sorry to hear about your mishap. I just want to get a couple things straight:

1. Can you confirm this injury happened almost a year ago?
2. Since that time, have you continued PEing, or have you already rested?
3. Has there been any change in your status since the injury? Like for 3 days was there NO erection possible whaysoever, and then you had a mini-recovery?
4. If it did happen almost a year ago, why have you waited so long to seek advice?

I am also curious about your PE regimen, like how many minutes you erect-jelqued at a time, and if you did a proper warmup, etc., but I don’t want to bombard you with too many questions…

I do think it is important to give us as much information as possible, so people can help you, as well as learn from your mistakes…

Hang in there,

I did jelqs but it felt so good doing them they became full erectionis and I continued with strong intensity. I didn’t realize it was a problem I felt that I couldn’t get any spontaneous erections (or they would be very weak). I didn’t warm up or train my dick at all.

I would always masturbate to porn, so getting hard wasn’t a problem, so it didn’t seem like a big deal. Once I realized that my orgasms were uncontrollable and there were no spontaneous hard ons, I knew I had a problem. I didn’t realize it was this serious until a while ago.

It feels so weird not having a libido and not having erections that I still sometimes become weak and look at porn and masturbate.

Anytime I take a week or so off from porn and masturbating, I feel ok, but mentally I keep telling myself I should be looking at porn and having erections.

I’m trying to give up porn for good, but it’s almost impossible, I’ve been loving it for so long.

I’m taking l-arginine, vitamin e, and gingko biloba to help the blood flow and I’m going to try and abstain from porn. I’m just wondering if my dick can make a full recovery.

I would definitely rest it, just try to refrain from to much masturbation and keep taking supplements, but not to many! I know this much, mental state effects erections and sexual experience beyond what you could ever imagine! If it’s not physical, it’s obviously mental, and believe me, it happens.

I hope you get better, just try to forget about it best you can, and maybe that can at least rule out or maybe confirm mental effect.

I read that erectile tissues can get damaged? Is this true? Are there certain parts that can be damaged without repair?

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