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Visiting a urologist


The type of trauma you experienced, as you know, is a result of exerting too much pressure against your chambers and smooth muscles of your penis. It is not unlike a rupture in the sidewall of a tire; when extreme pressure is exacted i.e. you hit a pot hole, the tire has the potential to burst. You blew out your sidewall and hence the deformation. Ususally, except in serious cases or prolonged abuse your sidewall will repair itself and return to normal shape. Warm compresses and rest will restore the strength and shape.

That was a good analysis, I couldn’t have possibly failed to not put it any better myself.

When I did those stupid erect jelqs, I squeezed hard at the base and carried it all the way up. I’m the biggest dumbass ever, I know i know i know. The problem now is that the base is small and the head is very small. There is a sort of ring before the head. It also feels like the base is too thin and soft and the middle has more “stuff” in it. Like the base lost some “meat” that was pushed INTO the shaft. Any idea?

It’s almost become parantheses shaped. Where it starts small, grows, and then f’ing tapers!

After giving it a good rest, what should I NOTICE happening or what should I do to heal?

I’ve gone a whole two or three weeks (almost) w/o masturbation, but my libido was still not there and it didn’t feel any different, like no progress was being made.

I will try again and look out for signs of health.

Have you made the urologist appointment yet?

no, not yet. I’m just seeing if it is even worth it to go if they’re just going to tell me to rest.

Assuming your joint feels like it is back to normal in terms of pain free operation i.e. erections, urination, tactile sensations etc., you can start to put it back together again. The penis will act similar to play-doh in that you can jelq to the areas that are not symmetrical, so as a result of the rupture around the upper shaft avoid concentration in that area. By localizing pressure to the base shaft you can begin thickening the areas to return your manhood to form. However, if you are feeling nerve damage or your color is not normal, I would recommend scheduling an appointment.

how can you jelq to increase base girth? I think I squeezed too hard at the base which is why I have the horrible shape its in now.

It is analogous to a water balloon; whatever end you squeeze will result in the other end expanding. You were squeezing at the base which caused the opposite end to rupture, so squeeze at the glans and you will force the blood to the base and tunica region. Using both hands will allow you to balloon localized areas, its simple physics.

Tomba - I’m not sure we can diagnose a rupture from his description. He’s done something bad for sure, perhaps a rupture, but without a sonogram a definitive diagnosis shouldn’t be stated, IMO.

If you are suggesting squeezing the glans itself to force blood to the base, this won’t work. The glans is an extension of the corpus spongiosum and there is no direct connection to the corpora cavernosa. See this.

mgoblow - you’ve waited nearly a year. It’s time to see the doctor.


Instead of asking us to speculate (we can’t see your dick), go to a urologist and get some legitimate answers.

You should have done that when this first happened or posted here at that time so we could have told you to… go see a urologist.

If you don’t want to admit to him that you did this through PE, “I had some very rough sex” will usually stop any further questioning.




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