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Venous leak ?

Venous leak


Long time member, rare poster. My question is about venous leak (Injury & treatments forum).

I had settled some time ago on a routine that I thought looked promising, based somewhat on tips I’ve gotten here. Basically it involved holding a full erection then pushing down with an ‘erect jelq’, using your PVC muscle. I’d do a number of repetitions of these, maybe hold 30 seconds each time, about 15 min or so, forcing blood into the penis. Then I would follow up occasionally with a pump.
Never been 100% confident about this approach. But I’ve never really got the hang of jelqs and don’t want to experiment with clamping. So it sort of worked for me.

I had thought I was starting to get some results after doing this for awhile regularly, but about six weeks ago I was doing some of these repetitions, and suddenly I couldn’t get fully erect on a “rep”. Don’t know if it was fatigue, or what.. But, it pretty much freaked me out. For a number of days afterwards, wasn’t able to get fully erect. This was as you can imagine, pretty traumatic stuff. My biggest fear was that I ‘broke’ a valve or something.

After a lot of worry & some time off, things got back to normal. So, thought I’d try the approach again, thinking maybe it was just fatigue.but being more careful at it. Again I had some success for about a week or two, but then had the bad rep happen again. So now again the past 3 days or so, no pain, no numbness, or any discoloration, whatever.. Everything looks fine just can’t get fully erect, only partial.

I’m thinking either 1) blew something in there and have a venous leak now or 2) just too scared to get a full erection in case 1) might be true, cause it could make it worse. See what I mean?
What is venous leakage all about? I’ll definitely quit if that’s what I’m doing, provided I haven’t done myself in already :(

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Do you mean it’s kind of a reverse jelq?

A few days isnt alot of time to heal. Give it a couple weeks before you start worrying about it.

Hey man!

I did pretty same thing for like 3 months (but at the beginning not fully erected, and I was doing also stretching, but I did not use a pump) and like couple weeks ago I have notice my erection is pretty full but not as hard as it was before, even flaccid penis was softer, but I thought my penis is just exhausted and it’s normal, so I was still doing it:(

Two weeks ago I did it hard way, fully erected and I was feel pain, but I was still doing it. After that my flaccid was even softer and same with erected, than I start even have problems to get any erection, no morning wood, penis change color - is a bit livid, under the foreskin is not as red as it was, I think also balls and penis are colder in the morning than they should. I visited two doctors, one I think ignore my story and said it’s gonna be fine, the second want to do some test(put something to my member to make a pictures from inside) and it gonna cost me 1700$ but I think I’m gonna do it to see what he will say.

After two weeks break(the point I’m right now) my flaccid is a bit harder and I try to do something to go back to past. I want my member from past, I will never do PE again and I don’t recommend it to anybody.

Right now I want some advise, stories. I got question what to do right now? Leave him alone? Try to get erected daily? What I should eat? Anybody have same and go back to normal? Any hormones or drugs? I now it’s not my thread but it’s about same.

To the author -how long you have break after first one?

I believe it’s gonna be ok ad hope same for you guys. Mind can do a lot, also bad thing, I hope that’s the main problem and we will find solution.

I don’t think I explained the technique right. There is no hand action, you just use your PVC muscle. You get to full erection then sorta flex your PVC, and push a little extra blood into your penis. Not as hard as you can.just enough to see a difference.

1st time I was pretty freaked out, but I fully recovered in about a week. I don’t know if I’ll be lucky this time or not. :(

Honestly, I have no idea if it’s really something physical or if I just got tired that day and then the idea of a possibly damaged valve blowing out in my dick has me too scared to get a full hard on.

Anyways.I don’t think I’ll ever do them again.

If you overwork your kegel muscle, it can hurt your erection quality. I don’t know if this is the problem, but it might be some useful information for you. :)


How do you tell if it’s really something, or just in your head?
Actually, 1st time I had never heard of venous leak before, I read a post which says the penis has no valves that can break, and that if you actually did real damage, you would see discoloration/bleeding, have pain, etc. I never had any of that.

I’ve seen quite a few posts on venous leak but I suspect many of these are just impotence caused of anxiety. In fact I read that one of the major causes IS stress.
Then again if I’m wrong.. This sucks. Id sure appreciate any other advice if anyone has had this before, this has been a really sad stressful week 4 me

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