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Venous leak Embolization


Venous leak Embolization

Does anyone know much about this procedure? I read online that this procedure is actually a safe procedure as oppose to venous litigation surgery.

I found out someone on a forum with venous leak and he said he had surgery for it. He has not replied back to me so I cannot ask him more question about it.

He said ..

I’m pretty sure mine was from a masturbation accident when I was a kid.

Similar symptoms for me included never getting morning wood, and also the erection going down when I stopped squeezing my penis. I usually just used a few fingers to block off the vein, but, like you, what also kind of worked was squeezing my legs together so it trapped the blood in the penis, hence keeping the erection.

I’m not sure what to tell you. It definitely sounds like a venous leak, as your doctor seems to have confirmed. It’s not something he should have ignored. I would advise trying to pinpoint which vein is leaking yourself (I was lucky, my leaking vein stuck out from the skin and was thick and chord like). Otherwise, your best bet would be to find a doctor, or interventional radiologist who is willing to help find exactly which vein is leaking, and either tie it off, block it with coils or both. Do a google search on venous leak embolization, there’s a few methods out there. I’m pretty sure my doctor both implanted coils, and tied the vein off at the base of my penis. It has been nearly 3 years now since my procedure and everything still works fine.

Does anyone know where to find these type of surgeons? The only one I know is in Australia and that is the one this guy told me he went to. I live in New York City and I do not know where to find these surgeons. Does anyone know if venous leak embolization surgery is legal in the United States?

Does anyone know if you can tell if it’s the superficial dorsal vein or the deep dorsal vein?

Superficial is in the penile skin, should be above the deep. Deep is in the penis, but some people’s SDV seems to be visible and easily accessible. Google westell, google…

Thanks Owen.

Does anyone know how to pinpoint these? I have venous leak and do not know if I need to have venous litigation surgery or embolization. The person who I tallked to who has venous litigation had something wrong with his Deep Dorsal Vein and the person who did the embolization.. Which is much safer and simpler done with coils and a needle had something wrong with his Superficial Dorsal Vein.

The person who had the Superficial Dorsal Vein tells me

Yes, I had Ed problems. I couldn’t maintain an erection without either squeezing my legs together, or pressing down on the vein which I knew was leaking (it was a thick, cord like vein that protruded out through the skin a bit). When I presed this vein, my erections were fine. So I knew the problem was this big vein which I was manually occluding with my hand.

He had the same problem as me needing to squeeze his legs to get abd maintain an erection.

Is there anyone that can tell me how I can test if I have this? When my penis is erect, I do not see any chord like vein that protrude out of my skin though.

The person who had Deep Dorsal Vein tells me how to do a DDV test to see if I have it. I tried it but I do not know how to do it correctly. He however, did not have to squeeze his legs to get and maintain an erection and his symptoms are not the same as mine but he had venous leak.

Does anyone know how I can know if my venous leak is related to the DDV or the DDV?

I would like to ask you westell how your venous leak appeared in your unit, it was because of PE injury or that happened to you by some different reason ?

I had a penis injury back in February 2005. It was when I jelqed while my penis was close to 100 percent erect. During that year, I went to urologists and none of them said I had problem besides urinary track infection. I did not even get any test done. In 2009, I finally saw a urologist who test on me and confirmed from the ultrasound of my penis that I had venous leak. Search for my thread penis injury and problems thread under my name if you want to read more.

If you have any questions please ask. Only way I can get erection and maintain it is by sitting down and squeezing my legs towards my penis and testicles. I am going to see either a surgeon for venous ligation or venous leak embolization with coils that uses a needle but don’t know who to go to. One is in Asia and the other doctor is in Australia. I’m from USA.

The SDV is most certainly not the problem as it drains the skin not the penis, from what I know.

There’s no reason to go to Australia for an interventional radiologist, probably NYC has better interventional radiologists than the whole of Australia.

This is so fucked up, we have to go to other countries just to have a small procedure !!

Why is there no proper cure for venous leak :(

Venom lookat this as a journey that will give you solution to the unpleasant problem or mayby you will find interventional radiologist in your country.

So guys our common problem after PE injury whether it is venous leak,varicose vein in penile shaft or other problem which don`t allow erection to expand fully can be treated successfully by interventional radiologist ?

Do we have some examaples, some guys who were treated succesfully ?

Yes Walgart there are guys, you can find them if you go to the warning page sparky put up at the first page of the website. It will lead you to other links.

The surgery probably could give us full erections, especially if you are already close to them or if you can manually press on the penis to have full erection. It accomplieshes the same thing only surgically. Prevents the blood from escaping the penis and so you have full erection.

However those guys who had success with the surgery didn’t have a different flaccid. So I don’t feel we would be treating the right problem by opting for this now. We need to first get a proper diagnosis. Then we’ll know what to do, if anything.

Anyone else?

I’m planning to do a penile doppler sonogram in a few months. I can maintain an erection just fine, CC is rock hard but CS doesn’t really expand and if I sit or lie down my penis head stays shrunken and this way I experience less pleasure from sex, so does my partner. It sucks. I also want to make my dick bigger and do PE since 1,5 month. I don’t know if I could do PE with a coil in my vein so I thought I will try to make it bigger and have surgery after it, if the doppler shows something. Is this silly?

How can you tell the difference between the CC and the CS? What are they? A guy tells me about this but I do not know how to see it even though I seen a diagram for it.

Originally Posted by cayance
I’m planning to do a penile doppler sonogram in a few months. I can maintain an erection just fine, CC is rock hard but CS doesn’t really expand

In my experience days turn into months and months turn into years. You should do it yesterday. :)

What is the cause of this condition of yours, if you don’t mind sharing?

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