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vein problem

vein problem


About three weeks ago I was PEing and I think I put a little too much pressure into my squeeze because when I was done I discovered a hard vein on the right side of my penis which is kinda squiggly and runs from the base of the head to right about the circ scar. When it wasn’t gone the next morning I came onto the boards looking for a way to get rid of it/see what it was. So far I have self-diagnosed it as either a t-vein of a lymph block (there was some talk of people confusing the two, and I still don’t really know the difference). About a week ago I started using EVO oil because I have heard that it helps with this sort of problem. I am posting now because I feel like its getting a little bigger, at least its not really improving. As well as using the EVO oil I am applying heat to it 1-2 times a day and massaging it. Is there anything more I can do to make it go away faster? Should I be more worried about it than I am? Oh yeah, I have also stopped all PE.

Hi, I got a vein like you describe, I never noticed it before PE. Ill post a pic with a cock ring as to show it. I can also see it when flaccid which worries me a bit, but many people talk about bigger veins due to PE.

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